The Comfort of Wimminz

Robert de Niro, with skank-ho wife Grace Hightower

When I was a kid, I was taught that I would someday find a wonderful girl to marry. This girl would keep house for me, raise my children, be faithful in every way, and would eventually accompany me to the celestial kingdom, where we would spend eternity together, progressing ever closer to perfection.

At Christmas time in 2018, Grace Hightower split from her husband, Robert de Niro. For those who don’t know, de Niro is an A-List star of the international cinema. He has worked in the movies for many years, and has fostered close relationships with heavy hitters like Martin Scorsese and Brian de Palma. He has starred in Taxi DriverRaging BullGoodfellasThe Last Temptation of ChristCape Fear, and The Irishman. His impressive cv and his dedication to his craft identify him as a man who has worked very hard, for the entirety of his life, to achieve success in the real world.

de Niro met Hightower when she was a busgirl at a midscale Chinese restaurant in London. They married less than a year later, in 1997. Before landing a multimillionaire movie star, Hightower lived in poverty, and had made a career out of working odd jobs (source.) Once wed, de Niro’s influence landed Hightower a bit part in a feature film, but Hightower wasn’t used to hard work, and didn’t like it, so she instead convinced her husband to start a high-budget charity, and install her on the board. Since then, she has told people that she is a “philanthropist” and that her employer is “The Grace Hightower Foundation.” Supposedly, the charity encourages fair-trade import of agricultural products from Africa. As a strong and empowered feminist wimminz, Hightower refused to take the de Niro surname; but, she had no problem spending the de Niro fortune.

I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Hightower decided she was going to separate from her husband immediately after their twentieth wedding anniversary. Thanks to this incredible timing, their marriage was legally considered “long term.” As such, de Niro was immediately ordered to give his skank-ho wife vehicles, homes, generous child support for their two kids, and over one million dollars a year in “spending money” for “incidentals” (source.)

Comes 2020, with its SARS outbreak, civil unrest, and economic collapse. de Niro appealed to his ex-wife for a bit of grace. Did she give it to him? Of course not. She immediately went down to the anti-family courts, and here’s what she asked for:

Aside from the usual ghastly spectacle that such a wimminz naturally provides us, I find shit like this to be a very good illustration of the differences between men and women. Flash back a couple of decades, and we can try to reconstruct what was likely going on between the ears of these two chuckleheads, at the time the notion of marriage erupted.

Hey, thought de Niro, this bitch is pretty nice. She’s a great fuck and she knows how to make Beijing beef. It’s true she is a lazy skank-ho slut; but, I am sure the bitch will be suitably grateful for the amazing opportunity to be my wife, and she will express her gratitude by becoming a serious female, faithful and devoted to the wonderful life we will build together.

Jesus Christ, thought Hightower, if this guy is actually stooping to marry a shiftless cleanup girl and skank-ho slut like me, he must really be a loser with no other options. I can’t afford not to say ‘yes’ to this, but I will resent him for being such a loser, and I will resent myself for settling for such a desperate nobody, and I will make him regret being such a low-quality man for every day of our miserable marriage, until such time that the law allows me the maximum divorce payout.

Take a look at this unhappy couple, as they were photographed in the fall of 2017. While I’m sure she was attractive at some point, years of hard living and botched plastic surgery make Hightower completely unfuckable. Look at the hideous scowl on her face. Now shift your eyes left, and look at the tired, worn, haggard countenance of the unlucky man who stooped to marrying her, all those years ago.

How fortunate I was to see the truth, before this was my fate.

One Direction Home

The Saiga/Izmash select-fire AK-74M

Conversations in email have been fun in the past few days. Every weapon has its purists, and people find reasons to tout one weapon over another. Armalite v Kalashnikov strikes me as very similar to Beatles v Rolling Stones, as it boils down to subjective, emotional criteria as much as pragmatic or aesthetic qualities.

It also apparently surprises Americans to learn that Canadians like to shoot, and that Canadians could get hold of guns. It’s true that Canada doesn’t have anything corresponding to the “second amendment,” but Canada is full of weapons anyway. As an aside, if you find a Mormon, you’re almost certainly going to find some guns close by, regardless of the laws.

Weapons are only part of the package, and this leads me to what is the next phase in this series of our ongoing discussion about firearms. I’m going to explain why I bought an AR-15, and try to convince you that my reason was the correct one.

Down below, Daemon writes:

ARs had more reliability issues during their introduction to the Vietnam war, I think partly due to design and coordination issues. I would say things are better now. If you go that route, check out gunblue490’s youtube video on their maintenance.

I’m going that route, because there’s only that route available.

If all things were equal, I’d buy a new AK-74M rifle today, in totally legal semi-auto only. Just a few weeks ago, that is exactly what I assumed I would do. Unfortunately, things are not equal. There is a huge problem precluding the practicality of such a purchase, and it is one that is only going to get worse.

It makes no sense to buy a weapon if you can’t buy ammunition. 

I bought my original AK-74M used. The original owner gave me the rifle, 14,000 rounds of 7N6 ammunition, and a Makarov 9x18mm pistol, all for 800 dollars (about 650 US). Moving it all into storage was a big job that took me most of the weekend. I thought I had enough ammo to last me a lifetime, but it was all gone in only a couple of years.

Ammo is a big deal for other reasons. I’ll let Che Guevara tell you…

There are fundamental aspects to be studied: the armament, for example, and the manner of using this armament. The value of a tank, of an airplane in a fight of this type must be weighed. The arms of the enemy, his ammunition, his habits must be considered; because the principal source of provision for the guerrilla force is precisely in enemy armaments. If there is a possibility of choice, we should prefer the same type as that used by the enemy, since the greatest problem of the guerrilla band is the lack of ammunition, which the opponent must provide.

(Guerrilla Warfare, Ch. 2)

We are in an ammo shortage now because 200 million people came to the conclusion I reached: that it is going to be necessary to shift for myself in the future. Like Black Pill, I don’t think we are in the collapse yet. America can afford to bail itself out of this one. But when the collapse comes, it will look like what we are seeing right now. Supermarkets full of food and armed cops on call are the hallmarks of yesterday’s society, not tomorrow’s.

If we are to take Che Guevara seriously, we should look for weapons chambered to shoot the typical American calibre service weapons. It seems to me that a man in the United States is limited to:

  1. 9x19mm
  2. 5.56x45mm
  3. 7.62x51mm

These are the rounds that are made in huge quantities by all the big factories. Within the calibres, there are also a wide variety of different weights and types of ammo.

A couple of quick notes before I open this up to discussion.

Kalashnikov USA makes a 9mm rifle.

9x19mm is commonly called luger and parabellum. There is a 9mm NATO round, which is exactly the same size as a 9x19mm round, but is loaded a bit hotter. Modern firearms have no problem handling this ammo. I have 9mm handguns made by Sig Sauer and Glock, and I fire 9mm NATO and 9×19 interchangeably. There is also a 9mm +P designation for ammo which is hotter still. I don’t regularly use overpowered ammo, but I have shot it through both of my handguns in the past, and aside from being noisier, I haven’t had a problem.

Overpowered “+P” ammo is generally found in expensive self-defense rounds, so shooting this stuff for target practice doesn’t really make sense.

There are a number of different rounds which are generically called “9mm”. The only handgun I owned in Canada was a Makarov, chambered in 9x18mm.

I miss my Makarov

There’s also a 9x17mm, known in the U.S. as .380 ACP.

One can shoot a .380 ACP round out of a Makarov pistol. The Soviets built them specifically to do this, because they saw a World War III scenario in which they overran Austria and Germany, and needed to use western ammo. Since the bullet itself is smaller, you likely lose a lot of accuracy and power, but I shot .380 and 9×18 interchangeably through my pistol, with no problems whatever.

It wouldn’t go the other way. Shooting 9×18 ammo through a .380 pistol would be a disaster. For all the same reasons, one could never shoot a 9x19mm round out of a Makarov. Even if he got it to chamber and fire, the bullet is 1mm too large to fit into the barrel, which means the weapon would be ruined and the shooter would likely hurt himself.

For a table of all the dozens of other variations of 9mm ammunition, you can go here.

I like the 9x19mm calibre, but I can’t imagine having an effective range (even in a rifle) of more than 50 metres.

5.56x45mm is what the AR-15 and its variants typically shoot. It’s a relatively small bullet with high velocity and a flat trajectory. The ballistics of the round are very similar to the 5.45x39mm I shot through my AK-74, which was another reason I felt comfortable opting for this rifle.

5.56×45 (Yellow), 5.45×39 (Blue), 7.62×39 (Red)

There are a great variety of different things to take into account about this calibre. For one thing, the 5.56 round is externally identical to a .223 Remington, but the 5.56 round is loaded a bit hotter, thus it is apparently unsafe to fire 5.56 through a chamber and barrel which is stamped .223.

At least as disastrous is the addition of 300 AAC Blackout, which is a calibre of ammo which was designed to be loaded, chambered, and fired by an AR-15, but which requires a much larger barrel. I don’t want to think about the result of mixing up ammo on range day.

Down below, Honeycomb suggested something called .223 Wylde. This is a standard which can accommodate both loads, and which is supposedly the choice of serious marksmen.

One drawback of this calibre is its legality for hunting. Oregon and California both allow a hunter to take a deer with 5.56, but if you go to Washington or Idaho, this is apparently a serious crime. My assumption is that these laws were made years ago, to prohibit people from wounding large animals with .22 rimfire ammo, but they’re still on the books and depending upon where you live, you may need a larger calibre if you want to feed yourself (within the bounds of the law).

I can’t imagine being able to hit anything with this calibre past 400 metres, even with a scope, but there are plenty of marksman stories.

7.62x51mm ammunition is commonly used for deer hunting. When I would go shooting my AK-74, I commonly took a guy who shot his FN-FAL. His rifle didn’t have cool wood furniture, and it had a retractable carry handle on top of it, but otherwise that’s as I remember it.

I am not familiar with this calibre, other than those distant memories, but the times I shot it, it certainly made an impression. If I ever wanted to kill the hell out of someone, this calibre would be my first choice. All the other weapons I’ve been discussing are mere pea-shooters in comparison.

This calibre has the typical ambiguity of all the others I’ve mentioned, in that it is identical to something called .308 Winchester… but the .308 round is loaded hotter. If your weapon is chambered 7.62×51, you apparently will get into trouble shooting .308 rounds out of it.

Forming The Nauvoo Legion

The last few weeks have inaugurated a new collective phenomenology. Many Americans are now realizing that they have lost their country. I’d like to think that my readers are long past the coping phase, but I know I’m incorrect. I have something of an advantage, in that I was raised in a subculture that took it for granted that I was a member of a minuscule minority group. Today, regular Americans (at least white and black ones) need to accept that this is also their fate.

(Newsflash: The typical normie lost his country when the first divorce court handed down the first unconstitutional decree to strip the first father of the children and money that he had produced through his own sweat and genius. We realize that here, yes?)

The issue many people are dealing with is now survival, in a society which hates him, hates his family, and wants to see him enslaved. The first reactionary solution that such a man might grasp at is joining some public-facing group.

Just for fun, let’s check out the bios of some of the “leaders” of such groups.

Here’s Grandmaster Jay, who leads the NFAC (a black militia) admitting that he is a military man who is politically connected to the U.S. government.

And here’s Mike D., who the leader of the white militia “Boogaloo Boys” admitting that he is a pig cop.

For those who haven’t got the obvious yet, here it is: You aren’t going to protect yourself by collaborating with the enemy. There is a civil war on, and the U.S. Government declared it on you. Its agents are actively setting up honeypots, and the goal to land you in one of its prison sweatshops.

That’s not to say that there aren’t sincere people in such groups, but an intelligent brother ought to consider any public-facing group to be thoroughly infiltrated. Such groups have been in existence since America was founded, and they have never been effective at anything other than getting their members into trouble. History refutes them. If you’re a member of any such group (KKK, Black Panthers, Communists, etc.) then you need to get the fuck out of it, pronto.

So what can a man do to thrive in the chaos of this new order? He can take a page out of our book, and adopt some of our tactics. They work well for us. They’ll work well for you too.

On 29 June, a protest was held in Provo, Utah. During that protest, one of the protestors shot an old man who was driving his truck down the street. 24 hours later, hundreds of armed men rolled out into the street in every Mormon town in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona, to defend their communities. This was not some sort of a coincidence. It’s a rational response to threat.

Mormons grow up knowing that Christians want to genocide them, and we prepare to defend ourselves. This means we network with one another, we keep fit, and we’re ready to get active at any time. You shouldn’t be paranoid, but you should be realistic, and adopt this stance yourself. Network in your local community and be ready to defend it if trouble starts.

A few general tips…

Rule 1: Don’t talk to the establishment media.

The media was quick to try and pull a fishtown on these men, but the pseudojournalists got nowhere. I was interested in this as it was happening, and I caught three separate interviews. The attempts at vilification went like this:


Journalist 1: What group do you represent?

Militiaman 1: What’s a group?

(Rural Utah)

Journalist 2: Do you worry about the law?

Militiaman 2: Speak to our attorney, he is in the brown uniform, third from the left (pointing).

(Someplace near Phoenix)

Journalist 3: Who are you and what’s your purpose?

Militiaman 3: We’re concerned citizens. We live here. Now this interview is over. Fuck off.

Rule 2: No weird symbols/uniforms

When Mormons assembled for war with the Mexican drug cartels in Chihuahua, they flew the Mexican flag. When Mormons assembled for war with COINTELPRO agents in the U.S., they fly the American flag. There is no nazi, confederate or African-American imagery that will lend you any credibility as you’re protecting your families. Don’t dress in outfits that look like the KKK or the black panthers.

It actually surprised me to see that some of these Mormon cells had matching uniforms. When I was a kid, I was taught that those were risky. Maybe my people are getting loose, or maybe things have changed.

Ideally, you should be grouping up with men you know well, who live near you. Uniforms in a 3-10 man group are unnecessary and silly. You should know who your medic is, and who is the leader of your cell, even with your faces covered.

Rule 3: No infighting

You will have a leader. He will identify himself by his own competence. You have to do what that guy says. This is something that Mormon kids are taught, but that regular Americans aren’t. In the era to come, we are going to increasingly depend on each other for the safety of our families. That means we have to accept some limits on our own autonomy.

Rule 4: Your tribe becomes your vibe.

The notion of cultivating bonds with other men is alien to most of us. This is a consequence of a feminized society. The only way men are allowed to feel manly in our degenerate culture is by fucking lots of skank-ho wimminz… or serving females in some other way. If you want to survive what’s coming, you simply must become like family to the men in your set. Go to their weddings and funerals, and invite them to your weddings and funerals. Your family’s survival depends on these men. Treat them accordingly.

Rule 5: Don’t be a rat.

This is much simpler for a man who follows these rules, than for one who joins the NFAC militia. You don’t have a name, and you don’t have a group, so there’s nothing to tell the cops about. You simply get together once in a while, with some of your neighbors.

The old Sicilian code of omerta is a good framework from which we can all learn a lot. The word itself comes from the latin homo, or man. Part of manly behavior is not snitching on your brothers. If something bad happens to you, you don’t go to the pigs. You either suck it up, or you deal with it yourself. If the pigs corner you, you do the time before you snitch.

Postscript: Black Pill was right. Fuck BLM

In a previous article, I expressed some sympathy for Black Lives Matter, and encouraged an outlook of not caring when they fought the cops. Black Pill corrected me, writing…

It took very little research to prove him right. Black Lives Matter, it turns out, is exactly the sort of public-facing group that a smart man will avoid. They have a web page up, and a manifesto, and here’s a little bit of it.

In other words, all black lives matter, unless you are a black father who is trying to see his little kids after a bitter divorce. That’s “misogyny,” and your shit doesn’t matter a bit.

BLM says that black people who like the traditional family life can go fuck themselves. Black fathers are meaningless, and are to be replaced by “villages” (whatever that nonsense means.)

The fact that Black Lives Matter is a group which appears to be completely co-opted by the system shouldn’t surprise any of us. From now on, I’ll consider anyone who supports Black Lives Matter as an agent of Donald Trump’s justice department. Their job is to do to America what the State Department does in developing countries.

The system wants your children introduced to gay sex, divorce, and bastardy, and the earlier the better. Consider any groups promoting this ideology to be your enemies, and treat them accordingly.

Contingent Survivability

Last November, we all learned that China was grappling with a viral outbreak (which may or may not be caused by a genetically engineered bioweapon.) At the end of march, the U.S. Treasury was looted of trillions of dollars, nearly all of which ended up in the pockets of a few billionaires. In April, America’s supply lines began to collapse, and basic supplies became scarce on store shelves. Finally, in May, protests erupted ostensibly about police brutality, which have been hyped by the corporate press into a low-level race war.

America is coming apart. Donald Trump can not save it. Whether America dissolves tomorrow or twenty years from now, this is an inescapable fact. The average American is rightly concerned, and I don’t have any solid answers to the problems we collectively face. Even so, I’ve spent years anticipating something sorta like this chain of events, and I thought I’d open up a discussion about surviving whatever comes next.

In 2018, I had been living and working in one of America’s largest cities for four years. I liked my town, but I simultaneously saw the problems with long-term habitation. I’m going to list some of the factors I judged my move by:

  • The town was prone to both storms and flooding.
  • The climate in this town was tropical, and life without air-conditioning was very difficult.
  • The town was largely populated by people of a different ethnic group, and adjacent to a foreign nation where this ethnic group was a majority.
  • The town was politically very different than the immediate suburbs.
  • The town was a sprawling urban mess, where nearly every square millimeter of earth was paved over.

It is possible to live in an area prone to flash floods, torrential rains, and hurricanes. People have lived in such areas for thousands of years. At the same time, when natural disasters occur,  the residents survive through the good will of their neighbors.

When the power goes out in October, in an area where the fall temperature is 100 degrees F, and the humidity is 90%, one needs lots of clean water to survive, and he gets such stuff as a favor from the people around him.

In a disaster, the people around you are going to judge you. One might hope that he will be judged on his personal merits. In a small town this would be the case. In a large city, one will be judged on a set of presuppositions that are out of an individual’s control. Whether any of us likes it or not, nature has provided each of us with a uniform, in skin color. Certain other factors also come into play: what language you speak is a big one. What religion you follow is another.

In the event of an emergency, when resources are scarce, it is human nature to prioritize helping those who are like yourself. This is not an ideological construct, as we are constantly told in the media. It is a basic, instinctual response to crisis. We are hard-wired to look out for those who share our genes, with whom we have ancestors in common. Whether any of us like this simple aspect is irrelevant, as it is a biological reality.

I used to live in one of the cities in the above table. My city was less than two hours drive from the Mexican border. Moreover, my city is one of the few cities in America which had continuously been populated by Spanish speakers, from its very inception. I speak Spanish myself, but when I speak, it’s obvious that I speak it as a norteamericano. 

Cities are a luxury that have been viable thanks to cheap energy and complicated infrastructure. If the trucks quit delivering supplies to any one of these cities, there would be mass migration, food riots, and widespread starvation. This would occur within weeks, not months.

Supposing the food and electricity ran out in my town, and further supposing I survived the chaos, and somehow made my way outside my megacity. Then I would be depending on the kindness of the people immediately outside of it. These are people who theoretically have the ability to feed themselves through their relationship with the land. Such people would likely be closer to my genotype, but they would also see me as a political enemy. To them, I would be a degenerate liberal urbanite, a coalburning race traitor, and a parasite who deserves his fate.

At the end of 2018, I packed up and left. I ended up in a largely agricultural, rural area. The American state I live in today is less populous than the county from which I departed. I won’t pretend to have had some religious vision, which led me to leave when I did, but in hindsight, I left at the perfect time. I was only able to move thanks to the fact that I had no wife and family, and I had been able to save my meager surplus without a conniving wimminz stealing the lot of it.

America is demographically set up in much the same way that Yugoslavia was, prior to its dissolution. Most of the unpleasantness in that breakup happened in the areas which were most highly mixed.

Take an honest look at your own ethnic and religious background. You don’t want to be the only person who looks like you when the food runs low. If I were an African-American, I would seriously consider moving to the American south. Not only that, but I’d try to position myself in the particular part of the county I end up in that is most homogenous.

When America dissolves, there will be no winners. Those who lose least will be the men who survive the dissolution. If you are in a large city, you need to seriously consider getting the fuck out. You should also take a few lessons from my people, in planning for the collapse.

Mormon Self-Defense Cells, Provo

Mormons are a bit better at resisting atomization than other groups. This is evident right now. The media is currently demonizing the militia which they are shocked to discover appearing spontaneously and overnight, who are now openly patrolling the streets in Utah and Arizona. We have a sort of religious duty to fight to the last man, and we all understand it from childhood… though most of us imagined we would be fighting the U.S. Army, we will also fight rioters.

Every American needs to start building these sorts of local connections right now. Find some capable men that you have something in common with, and start connecting with them. Anyone who has taken my advice about starting a home church is already doing this. A man doesn’t need to adopt a uniform or standardize weapons, or otherwise larp out as some sort of goony militia. Simply start talking to your brothers about current events.

There are a bunch of weird anarchists who are starting to come into residential areas. They are starting fires and fucking things up. What should we do if they hit our neighborhood?

Shelf-stable food is important. 10 kilo bags of rice and beans will keep a man going for a long time. A few boxes of protein bars also won’t hurt.

Is anyone else thinking about this sort of thing? Sound off with comments or criticism.

Post Your Smoke

The first rifle I ever bought was a Norinco AKM-47S, made in china, with a fold under stock. This is a stock photo of what that entails, though I never owned a huge drum magazine. When I bought it, it came with three 30-round steel magazines, a cheap bayonet, and a cleaning kit. An AKM shoots a relatively large, slow round in 7.62×39.

Within a year, I acquired a Russian Saiga AK-74. It came with two 30-round magazines, and was chambered in tiny, high velocity 5.45×39. Unlike the AKM, this rifle was fully automatic.

Purchase and ownership of either of these weapons was a very serious crime in the area where I lived at the time, so while I shot them relatively frequently, I was very careful not to let anyone see me carrying them around. I figured that if I ever needed to use one in my own defense, I was going to end up in prison, which meant that there was no option to merely flash it and warn someone away. The minute I had to get one out, I was going to start shooting to kill and stacking bodies. Thankfully, I was never in any situation to necessitate such an eventuality.

I acquired the second weapon assuming it would be obviously superior to the first. After it wasn’t, I figured I would keep shooting both of them, and imagined that I would discard one or the other before too much time had elapsed. That never happened. The Chinese rifle shot larger, heavier ammo, which would be an obvious advantage in the sort of close-quarters combat that might erupt in one’s day-to-day life, but it also had a folding stock that was difficult to get a good cheek-weld to. The Russian rifle was far more comfortable and noticeably more accurate at range, but the rounds I had available (7N6 armor penetrating) lacked lethality. The internet is full of stories of soldiers shooting combatants multiple times with no immediate effect.

At about the time I was planning to return to the U.S., I had shot the Russian so often, running it so hot, that I was beginning to keyhole my targets. When this started happening, I was overjoyed, as the ammo I was using suddenly seemed to become much more destructive. In reality, I needed a new barrel. In hindsight, I probably shot 20,000 rounds through this rifle, over the course of my young adulthood.

I debated giving the Chinese rifle away, but didn’t want to be responsible if the recipient got into some sort of trouble with it. One night, I disassembled them, and dumped the parts into Kootenay Lake.

Earlier this year, I decided that I ought to be a good American, and buy a new rifle. My first assumption was that I would buy an AK-74 in semi-auto only. I’m still looking.

I have also learned that the cheap surplus 7N6 and 7N10 ammo I love is unavailable in the U.S., thanks to Donald Trump’s executive order against armor penetrating ammunition. My guess is that I’ll end up buying an AR-15 rifle, but I’m dreading the process. The AR-15 is commonly known to be overly complex, unelegant, and generally far less reliable than the Russian equivalent. On the other hand, M855 ammo (the equivalent of 7N6) is readily available, even if it is more expensive. Apparently, armor penetrating ammunition is cool, if its chambered for an imperialist calibre.

I started thinking about this after reading Snapper’s article on his new Hi-Point Carbine. Do you have a favorite rifle? Tell me all about it.