Comment Policy

When I started this blog, I disabled comments. I found them to be a pain in the ass. At some point, I realized that I could learn more if I let people rebut, answer, and mock my articles. Anything is fair game here, except:

  1. Content-scarce nonsense, with links to other sites
  2. Encouraging violence or lawbreaking
  3. Pr0n (There are dedicated sites for that. This is not one.)
  4. Real-world contact information of anyone
  5. Defamation of the dead

I do not ban anyone for arguing with, or making fun of, me. In fact, I take a much dimmer view of people who kiss my ass, with lots of meaningless nonsense, in order to spam links to their own site. Trolling is encouraged, but your performance art must be entertaining or informative.

Amendment 1 (12 November 2017): The ban for violation will customarily be immediate if you are a wimminz, if you present yourself as a wimminz (using a wimminz name or a feminine sounding email login, etc.), or if I suspect you are a wimminz.

Amendment 2 (10 April 2018): Adding article 5. You are free to mock anyone who can answer back, here or elsewhere. You are not free to use this site to defame those MGTOW who have passed on to Valhalla. Have some dignity and let go of your anger.

Amendment 3 (28 September 2018): Host reserves the right to moderate comments from new contributors for an indefinite period of time. The graduation from chaperoned status is entirely at the discretion of moderator.