Bullshit Runs The Marathon

Before I begin this article, I should anticipate my critics, who hang on my every word, and always draw the most ridiculous conclusions from whatever I write.

I think everyone should take the present situation very seriously. If you can stay home safely and look after your family right now, you should do so. If there are temporary legal restrictions on your movement, you should respect them. This is especially true for those of you, brothers and sisters, who have little children or elderly relatives in your care. If you, or some member of your family falls ill, then you should seek out competent medical care, and know that your brothers are constantly thinking of you , praying for you, and hoping for the health and safety of those who may be afflicted.

Presently I am laughing at the hysterical ninnies running around on social media, desperately trying to convince us that we will all be dead in a matter of days, and blaming all manner of different agents for starting what has come to be known as the COVID-19 pandemic. I find these shenanigans more depressing than entertaining, and while I think I understand the fear people feel, I am forced to tell all my readers why this blog will not become an outpost for the blackpill.

The fact that people are acting so irrationally, over an illness that has a mortality rate of less than one percent, clues the average observer into a couple of things. In the first place, most people have come to maturity without any exposure to hardship. These same people are hopelessly weak, in a psychological sense. When you are raised in the sociological equivalent of a pink and purple playpen, in which the most grievous harm is considered to be the calling of someone else a nasty name, then you become an adult infant. This is (arguably) a far more serious and widespread problem than any virus currently circulating.

Secondly, most people are, only now, coming to realize that they have nothing to do that doesn’t involve working at a wage-slave job, chasing rancid skank cunt at the nightclub, and drinking themselves into a stupor. The average American has no productive hobbies or interests, he doesn’t truly love anyone, and no one loves him, either. The coming weeks will be a healthy dose of reality for most of these people, but I expect some of them to go insane.

Only three months ago, I would never have imagined a time when the government would encourage people to quit working so many hours, quit consuming frivolous commodities, and spend more time with their families. People are acting as though this is some sort of burden, and I am endlessly amused at their whining. I have a paid, six-week vacation, during which I can become more fit, better read, more competent. You have a vacation too. If you’re crying and moaning about it, I don’t know what to tell you.

I am also forced to wonder what would happen if this had been a serious pandemic. Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of different scenarios that would be as calamitous as this one is pretended to be.

  • A drug resistant form of plague, which has a mortality rate of 50%.
  • A genetically modified form of smallpox, which has a mortality rate of 40%
  • A mutant form of wheat rust, which would leave human and animal life perfectly healthy, but which would wipe the world’s food supply out in a matter of weeks.

That last bullet point is arguably the most frightening to think about. Can you imagine the way these morbidly obese nutters in North America would behave, once they lost access to their EBT funded tendies at Wal-Mart?

What if vegetables and wild game were all that were on offer? Truly, we’d face a situation which could best be analogized in one of those 1990s Hollywood zombie films.

Tomorrow, I may drop dead from COVID-19. Tomorrow, I may be killed when I space out and step into traffic. Tomorrow, I may be murdered by a crackhead. Tomorrow, I may be electrocuted in a freak accident involving high-tension power-lines. In an hour, I’m going for a run through my neighborhood. I’m on the border of fatass territory. If I don’t die of a heart attack on my run, I may slip in the shower, and drown after.

If I don’t die this week, it’s a certainty that I will die someday. This was always so, and it will always be so. We are born astride the grave, brothers. Too much comfort has artificially allowed too many of us to forget this simple fact. Until I die, I am going to live my life on my own terms. I am going to keep calling my family members and reminding them that I love them. I am going to keep writing. I am going to keep thinking. I am going to stay alive.

Some of us might get sick in the coming weeks, and some of us might see people pass away. What I hope that none of the rest of you will succumb to, is the sort of endemic hopelessness that is the result of listening to the blackpillers on the internet. Men ought to be careful with their lives, but men don’t cower in the corner, afraid of living.

The Manosphere is Dead

I got much interesting feedback on my last article, largely in an effort to save my soul for capitalist Jesus. Amazingly, this even included Derek, who cited a very long and thorough series of papers. Derek alluded to these papers supporting his contention that America’s health system was actually the best in the world, despite the fact that we have a nationwide infant mortality rate well above Cuba’s, and despite the fact that half a million people file bankruptcy every year, after being totally destroyed just because they needed to go see a doctor.

While I finally read Derek’s citation, I didn’t find any support for his thesis in it. I suspected this to be the case when Derek made his blanket statements. It’s actually a very interesting body of work, and it suggests that the problems endemic to the failed American healthcare system are more complex than most critics (myself included) usually realize.

One of the guys who backs me up on this is Roosh V., who has released a videocast talking about a number of different things, including the story of a young couple he knows personally. The wife began to exhibit the symptoms of the coronavirus, and her husband finally took her to the hospital. Despite having health insurance, the wife was billed over five thousand dollars for a hospital visit, only to be told that she had influenza.

The only way this story could possibly be worse would be the addendum that the wife picked up coronavirus when she went into the hospital for care, and had subsequently expired. (Thankfully, this wasn’t part of the report.) If you have some spare time, feel free to watch Roosh break it down…

Roosh Hour #40

I was able to read Derek’s citation, and I was able to watch Roosh pontificate, because I have nothing but free time. I was furloughed from my job for at least six weeks. Despite the fact that the value of all my investments have collapsed, and despite the fact that I have zero income, I am able to live without worrying, and I have even begun supporting a couple of younger family members. Such are the benefits of being a bachelor. I am living well because I do not have a naggy wife, who has spent every dime I have earned in my adult life on frivolous consumer goods.

Apparently, a stimulus package was recently passed, and the free dough will be based on our 2018 tax returns. Given that I made a middle class income that year, I will be getting free money, on top of max unemployment. What a guy like me will do with his TrumpBux is to buy up a bunch of cut-rate stock in blue chip companies. This will not help the economy one iota, though many of us will benefit in the long term. The men benefitting the most will be the 1%, who will see the values of their shares rise with the subsequent investment.

The stimulus is rigged just like the American healthcare racket. It benefits a few people at the top. Funny how every government action seems to end in that mood, no?

The young brothers just starting out, and the serious brothers (looking at you, Jason) who spent 2018 volunteering and trying to clean up the streets, will likely not get a dime. These are the people who would have spent that money, and actually done some good for the American economy.

Donald Trump had an amazing opportunity to become the right wing FDR. Instead he bailed out huge corporations and hung the people who voted for him out to dry. If he were running against anyone other than a senile moron like Joe Biden, I’d predict his demise in November. All the same, I have faith that Trump will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as he has done throughout his presidency.

And now it’s time for me to eat my words.

Last October, I predicted that Roosh V. was not abandoning his game scam, as he claimed, but was pivoting into a new scam. I figured that he would follow men like Tucker Max, who exhausted his population of chumps, and immediately pivoted into male feminism, so that he could exploit an entirely new group of suckers.

Picking up Roosh’s monologue at 2:16, we hear him opine:

The manosphere is mostly about getting girls outside of marriage. Men are still doing that, but from my observation the manosphere is dying out. The return on investment from game is so low… Game is dead and the manosphere is dead, too.

I really don’t agree with this. With coronavirus panic, I have so many women wanting the distraction of fucking me that my phone is buzzing 24h per day. Be that as it may, Roosh continues:

The guys in the manosphere continue to attack me, daily. They are watching my content, reading my articles, on top of my tweets. They are obsessed with me and want me to fail. They do this because they want the message of Jesus Christ to fail.

Is Roosh talking about us? I don’t think he had us in mind specifically. I have never considered myself a manosphere type, though this is a men’s blog. I don’t think Roosh pays much attention to a small-time playa, though I might be wrong. Either way, it’s important to own up to bad predictions that might have cast an innocent man in a bad light, and this is a good opportunity.

It might seem, based on my previous article, that I wanted Roosh to fail. I certainly don’t want him to fail. I did condemn Roosh for wasting his life chasing cunt, at the expense of a thousand other parts of a healthy lifestyle. Roosh affirms the truth of this in the second hour of his monologue. The assertion that Roosh was planning to exploit Christian men appears to be wholly unfounded, and I retract them completely. Say what you want about his transformation, he certainly seems sincere in his faith and in his desire to atone for the unproductive advice he gave to us in the past.

Who Are Your Friends? Who Are Your Enemies?

Last week, the Trump Administration announced an incredible 1.5 trillion dollars in aid for billionaires and large transnational corporations. In the interim, he instructed his republican legislators to shoot down Tulsi Gabbard’s emergency legislation which would have given every American adult a paltry (but essential) 1000.00 per month in aid.

There is no one that Donald Trump has more hatred and contempt for than the working families who were responsible for his rise to power.

Trump’s billionaire associates, in the mean time, have told Americans that they are on their own financially.

For many years, men like me (and Derek) have been cursed by the typical manosphere losers as communists, because we spoke the truth about our backgrounds in our own respective subcultures. I won’t pretend to know how the anabaptists typically weather such downturns. Among Mormons, we have the bishop’s storehouse, emergency welfare, small collective farms, and we are armed and organized to defend all this. Even as a godless atheist, my ethnic background entitles me to survive a catastrophe. I have only to ask for help, and it’ll be given.

On a related note, I grew up in a capitalist state (known as British Columbia) where we collectivized our insurance schema and legislated universal coverage. Our proximity to the United States meant we could afford to do this easily, because our confederation had a zero defense budget. You Americanos have slaved away your whole lives to give me medical care, while your leaders deny it to you. Thanks, yanks!

I still have health care through the MSP, and if I got sick, I could drive a few hours and be treated at no extra cost to myself.

So, now that the same working-class Americans have been abandoned by their government, and are facing eviction and bankruptcy, who is stepping in to help? It’s not my people, thanks to human garbage like Mitt Romney and Harry Reid. They hung you out to dry. It’s not Derek’s people, either.

Those who are stepping up to help Americans are the Chinese Communist Party and loyal Chinese citizens.

This is the man who is actually trying to “Make America Great Again” :

The same politicians, businessmen and media shitbags who constantly encourage Americans to see these people as our enemies, have hung you out to dry. Jeff Bezos, for example, is now “vacationing” on the South Island of New Zealand, while you struggle to make ends meet. Make sure you continue to buy needless trinkets from amazon dot com.

Take some time to tweet thanks to the only people who care about your plight.

On the upside, the pandemic means that the usual distractions have been cancelled.

This is something of a blessing, because the typical American morons will now have the time to reflect on their priorities, and many of them will likely come to a healthier understanding of their place in the world.

Scumbag Bezos Knows No Shame

People wonder (sometimes writing me hostile messages) why a hardened communist like my own bad self would endorse a right-wing reformer like Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election. This is a good example.

The corporation which owns the controlling share of Whole Foods is amazon dot com. The man with the controlling interest in amazon is Jeff Bezos. Bezos is known for a couple of things in our community. He is the clown who cheated on his faithful wife with an old hag of a feminist. He also owns the scumbag corporate journal Washington ComPost, which regularly argues for censoring the internet and punishing dissidents like all of us.

Bezos’ company, which he has never done any real work for, and which provides him with a staggering one hundred and twenty million U.S. dollars a day in unearned income, is now telling the people who slave for their master that they are on their own.

Of course, if Bernie won the presidency (which he won’t) he would never do the right thing, which is to throw Bezos (and all his rich friends) into a work camp, liquidate this stolen wealth, and give local whole foods stores to local workers to run in the public interest. Even so, he might actually fight to give every one of these workers the right to see a doctor, and he might force Bezos and his rich friends to give their slaves some paid time off when they get sick. Those are steps in the right direction.

If you’d like to read this astonishing story, you can go to vice.

Comments Have Been Limited

Before I begin tonight’s hate-filled islamophobic rants, I’ll cop to the fact that I’m not an expert on Islamic theology, and I don’t pretend to be. Even so, I did pray with Muslims for over a year. I’ve read through their holy book and had a large number of conversations with their scholars.

What I like about Islam is (surprise, surprise) the ways in which it resembles the Mormon theology I grew up with. Examples where Muslims and Mormons agree are numerous, but these are a few:

  1. Monotheism, specifically the rejection of the notion of a trinity.
  2. A strong prohibition against recreational drugs, including alcohol.
  3. Discouraging the use of icons, crucifixes, and images, at least in the sanctuary.
  4. Rejection of the notion of original sin.
  5. Polygamy…

Note that I don’t think that all of these are necessarily optimal. Example five, for instance… I just find them likable for their familiarity.

In the Journal of Discourses, we can read Orson Pratt noting that Muslims were closer to the true faith than those filthy Christians, which ought to clue any realist in to the fact that we probably borrowed (stole) some of their good ideas, and repackaged them for ourselves. In another sermon, Brigham Young talks about importing European Muslims to Deseret, with the idea that they would be easy converts, since our religions differed in few appreciable respects, and that their descendants would help us keep the American cruxtoids at bay. That didn’t happen, but it was an interesting idea.

Islam shares some other historical traits with Mormonism, and that is unfortunate, because I’m specifically referring to the degeneracy of the women in both of those traditions, coupled with the ease with which both Muslim and Mormon leaders defend bad female behavior.

The most obvious contemporary example is currently boasting on instagram, of marrying the man she cucked her devoted husband with. Let’s see this bitch in action.

One of the swinging dicks who reads this blog tipped me off to this shameless celebration of sluttery. In the photo, we see this wimminz showing off her wedding ring. She has actually managed to con the brainless chump to wife her up.

(Apparently he thinks that all her infidelities will resolve with the application of his magic penis. I doubt this very much.)

Another eyepopping note are the hundreds of Muslim females, gushing with approval over this illegitimate union. This includes Congresswimminz Omar’s Muslim sister, Congresswimminz Rashida Tlaib, chiming in with “mash Allah.”

Mash Allah is an Arabic maxim which translates to something resembling: “ordained by God.” Muslims use it like “congratulations” or “mazel tov.”

I don’t pretend to be on intimate terms with the Muslim God, but I am sure he doesn’t approve of this degeneracy. If there is a part of the Qur’an, or a judgment by any Muslim scholar, which celebrates a lady cucking her husband, then running him through the divorce courts when he objects, I would love to see it.

There is an even more shocking contraposition in the absolute silence by religious leaders in Minnesota (where Ilhan Omar is from) and Michigan (where Tlaib has her office). By their silence, whether they admit it or not, they signify approval of this loathsome behavior. They are allowing these filthy wimminz to be the public face of Islam in America, and to show us what Islam is supposedly all about.

Not a single Muslim religious man has stood up to offer even mild criticism of this abominable behavior by a public figure. Think about this for a moment.

Ilhan Omar was married to a good man. Those two had children and built a life together. Ilhan Omar decided to destroy her family, and did so by riding the dick of a simp named Tim Mynett. Now that Ilhan Omar has married Tim Mynett, we can be sure that she is already scoping out a new dick to ride, and the cycle is primed to repeat itself anew. (Mynett is a moron if he thinks this won’t happen.) In the mean time, Muslims everywhere get to be embarrassed by this immoral chucklehead, and we are all stuck with seeing her in congress, where she works tirelessly to normalize infidelity, and where she uses our tax dollars to spread feminism and sexual degeneracy around the globe.

The one (and only) upside to this carnival freakshow is in dim type, at the bottom of her instagram feed. Skank-ho Ilhan had to shut off her comments. That suggests that perhaps her readers aren’t the simps and sluts that she is, and a few of them found the fortitude to call her out.

History, Sex Consciousness, and Pedagogy

O.P. wuz da O.G.

Down below, our brother Vortex writes:

Hey Boxer, I’m not good at copy/paste on my phone, but check out “investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick part one” read all 7 parts…it’s an outstanding takedown of a scuzzy SJW grifter wimminz.

Allow me to help. Last night I read Investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick, and I got the details about a virtue-signalling school-lunch scam. It’s definitely worth my readers’ time.

After I got done, I went and bought the author’s book. I’m three chapters in. If you’re interested, you can buy I am Turtle Boy by Aidan Kearney.

BONUS: It’s sold exclusively at Amazon, so you’ll be helping our favorite granny-fetish freak Jeff Bezos pay his alimony judgment.

Kearney, the author of both of these works, used to be a schoolteacher. I’ve been employed in that same position for a little over a year. I can immediately verify the basics as he tells them. So far this year I’ve received a verbal warning for allowing my students to leave the classroom without raising their hand and getting permission.

I teach mathematics, and while it’s high school, I teach some pretty rigorous material. One thing I hate is people interrupting my lectures to ask if they can go to the toilet. At the beginning of this school year, I wrote a general order at the top of my white board:


My students are 15-19. We’re all adults. If my students need to leave the room for some reason, they have my permission. Of course, if they skip out and go smoke dope and miss some material they need to know for the next exam, that’s their problem.

Just last month, two females left the room, I don’t know what they were caught doing, but when they were confronted, they told my principal that I had given them permission to do whatever they were doing. When I was asked, I immediately confirmed that this was my policy, and added that “this is a high school, not a prison.”

The administration didn’t like my attitude, so now everyone has to raise their hands and interrupt me ten-times an hour, and I’m officially on the shit-list, for not treating adults like a bunch of babies in a kindergarten.

I really enjoy your blog, using a Marxist dialectic against feminism is outstanding seeing that it’s a very bourgeois ideology basically. It’s given me some great ammo in conversations with young leftist Bros.

The only people who claim that feminism was something Karl Marx championed are idiot feminist wimminz, and manosphere kooks. Both of these groups feature people who are generally clueless about everything they talk about. Back in the day I had a lot of fun on blogs with members of each set, asking them questions and watching them get all upset.

For those who don’t get me, feminism basically reduces male-female interaction to exchange value. As such, feminism is a form of commodity fetishism, and its ideological attributes serve to mask the true value of human beings in a husband/wife relationship.

Also, I know who your avitar is, have you ever read a bio of Port Rockwell by a guy named Schindler?

I have. My first degree was in history, and my plan was to compete for a job with Professor Kearney. I love history, but jobs in that discipline are very hard to come by. I haven’t written history in years, and at this point, I don’t call myself a historian any longer.

I’m The Secret King…

…of Portugal… I think…

One of our brothers abroad has been good enough to link to our site. We have been getting tons of traffic as a result. Of special note is this little snippet:

Um protocolo de mídia padrão é o de nunca mencionar o pai de um filho em qualquer notícia em que a criança é mostrada, a menos que o pai possa ser retratado negativamente. Isso é difícil de notar, mas fique de olho nessa ausência de menção.

If you speak Spanish or French you probably get the gist of this. If you don’t, here’s what it says:

One typical tactic of the media is to never mention any child’s father, unless the father can be portrayed in a negative light. This is difficult to notice at first, but skilled people read critically and look for the lack of any mention.

The specific article this paragraph links to is Another Death by Single Mom. It’s relevant to note here that a man who calls himself Red Pill Latecomer tipped me off to the original article at KTRK / Houston. By this example we see that the mass media is the deadly enemy of every free man. Truly, we rely upon ourselves alone to get the word out.


In Ari Aster’s 2018 horror film Hereditary, we are treated to what seems to be a technologized retelling of a myth in Ovid. There’s a reason why I recall Ovid here. Ovid’s Metamorphoses was written in a lighthearted, almost sarcastic tone. The tone of the text was surely common in the historical context of the writer, who lived in an age when the foundation myths of Rome were regularly held up to ridicule, by people who had enjoyed far too easy lives, thanks to the hard work of the founders who took those myths seriously. Thus was the author able to record Rome’s foundation myths for posterity, all while he was in no danger of being thought unfashionable or ridiculous.

For better and for worse, this is how a serious man has to discuss the timeless truths of patriarchy. Whether that man draws from Roman or Hebrew sources, he had better mask them as some sort of modern, mechanized horror story. Otherwise his message won’t play in the ten-dollar cinema.

Like one of the stories in Metamorphoses, this film functions as a cautionary tale about the matriarchy. It is set in Utah, which I immediately found humorous. The filmmaker is not a Mormon from Utah. He’s a Jew from New York City. The similarities between these two American subcultures — both ideally monotheistic, collectivist, moral and patriarchal, and both currently succumbing to the rot which is American feminism — lead me to suspect that the film is part autobiography, part social criticism, set in a location simultaneously distinct and similar. While I’m sure that he wouldn’t admit it in print, I suspect Aster would find much of the material on our blog interesting, and he’d likely resonate with more than a little of it. I may go into more detail when I review his later film, Midsommar. Until then, I’ll just award Brother Ari honorary citizenship here, and get to a brief review of what I consider his best work so far.

The film opens with an obituary, and its first scene is a funeral for the recently dead. Ellen Taper Leigh is shortly revealed to have been a loud-and-proud, empowered feminist wimminz, and we learn that her life was as pathetic as is typical of the sufferers of that neurosis. Mizz Ellen abandoned her family to pursue occultnik religious nonsense, was hated by her children and grandchildren, and died alone. At the packed funeral, we find her estranged kids shocked that anyone else showed up at all. It will shortly be revealed that Mizz Leigh’s friends are her co-confederates in a bizarre, matriarchal religious cult, who are bent upon inflicting unspeakable cruelties on her kin. This makes Mizz Leigh something of a cognate of Faust. Like him, our feminist heroine makes her deal with the devil. Unlike Goethe’s protagonist, she doesn’t deal with the consequences. She’s a typical feminist who skips out, and leaves her descendants to pay the bill.

The youngest girl, Charlie (played flawlessly by Milly Shapiro) notes in passing that she “should have been a boy.” This weirdness is, no doubt, thanks to her upbringing. Charlie is the only family member who has had contact with granny, and it rapidly becomes clear that she is not the better for it. She is presented to the viewer as a deeply troubled child, with tics and hangups that would immediately clue an observer in to the fact that she was raised by a disgusting feminist dyke.

Charlie’s brother, Peter (played by Alex Wolff) lies to his self-involved parents, telling them he’s going to a school function. He is ordered to take Charlie with him. Like the typical rootless young brother, he leaves his little sister alone with irresponsible schoolmates and wanders off to indulge in illicit drugs and sex with the high school hoez. This has the effect of bringing forth a series of tragic events, the sum of which Charlie does not survive.

Annie Graham, daughter of dead Mizz Leigh, mother of Peter and dead Charlie, will thus begin to doubly resent her son, who is saddled with a lifetime of guilt at the age of sixteen. Annie is married to Steve, a physician (played by Gabriel Byrne) who has given his emotionally absent wife everything a husband is expected to dole out: money, a fine home, the ability to stay home and concentrate on a failed career in art, and even a nu-male devotion to childrearing and housework. Annie is still not happy. Not to worry, though. Annie is about to make a new friend, named Joan. Joan is one of the town’s feminist harpies, and Joan will give Annie all the detailed instructions about how to achieve liberation, in the style of granny herself.

As Uncle Tony would remind us: The first duty of a capitalist ideology (like feminism) is to reproduce itself across time. The reproduction of feminism is accomplished by painting all of its abuses and cruel excesses as normal, and proposing all of its vile values and corrupted norms as “just the way things are.” This has the effect of making granny’s dysfunction more than the unfortunate consequence of a lifetime of bad choices. It is truly hereditary, and it remains an ongoing process, that threatens us all.