Pre-Columbian Feminist Technology

American Thanksgiving was yesterday (and I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend). This means that it is now also time to celebrate the first nations who had a bad immigration policy and allowed my ancestors to illegally stake a claim to the land I live on. Yes, it was a raw deal they got. No, I don’t feel guilty. I’m glad things worked out this way, because I like where I live. I grew up adjacent to the Kainai nation, and various individual members of the Káínawa remain among my most and least favorite people today.

In the spirit of celebrating, the American National Park Service decided to showcase some of the amazing accomplishments of the women of the first nations. Since we all know that females are superior to men in every respect, I figured that we could agree and amplify the message here…

Some man went looking for the greatest achievement of first nations wimminz, and this is what he found. Some wimminz managed to dig a hole in the ground for shelter. My (male) friends and I did far more audacious things in our free time at the age of 11. Rodents and birds do a better job.

The reality is that females in Hidatsa society did a great job at what they were meant to do, which is to bear, educate, and raise little kids; and be a helper to a good man in a monogamous pairing. This is what females of every background have always done best, and the denial of this obvious truth is one of the major problems in our society today… which is far less stable and healthy than traditional Hidatsa society, for all these reasons.