No Anonymity for Porn Skanks

This week, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University named Yiqin Fu reported that an anonymous programmer is building a database of actors and actresses in trashy internet porno. “The goal,” he says, “is to help others check whether their girlfriends ever acted in those films.”

Almost immediately, feminists went nuts. Cara Curtis, a hack blogger for TNW, wrote that “the future is truly a horrific place to be a woman.” Soraya Chemaly is quoted in degenerate Vice News (owned largely by Disney) that such a project would be “a pitch-perfect example of how these systems, globally, enable male dominance…” Samantha Cole concludes that it is “A misogynistic, abusive attempt at controlling women.”

Last year I briefly touched upon the tragic story of Sugar Shane Mosley, who married a seemingly sweet girl who loved him. When she spun on a dime and ruined his life in divorce court, he found out the truth: bitch was a former stripper and escort.

All the hoez count on keeping their victims in the dark as to their history, and thereby they can lure them into a fruitful harvest, thanks to the predators in the family court system. Our anonymous brother from China is trying to help us out, and we thank him for his efforts. May the screams and wails of the feminists only serve to increase his resolve to destroy injustice.

The Longest Requirement List

She’s dated a lot, but she knows that this man just has to be out there. One question she doesn’t seem to want to answer: why should he want her?

Here’s Steve taking down a wimminz who calls herself a “hot commodity” and thinks she’s too good for the nice men who ask her out.

News for this bitch: You’re overweight, need dental work, and have a lazy eye. You’ve clearly got a lot of issues to work through, and this preemptive rejection is some sort of self-destructive ego-defense.

Christian Moral Hygiene

Scenic view of Mt. McLoughlin, vernal pools, Lasthenia californica, Plagiobothrys fulvus, Dichelostemma, and Amsincka intermedia.

It is common knowledge that Christianity encourages lying, gossiping and backbiting. I think this is a silly sacrament, and try to discourage it when I come into contact with the faithful. I also often feel sort of bad picking on the halfwits of Dalrock, but in this case, I’m honestly surprised at the stupidity of these particular contributors. It’s not that I expect better from scroungy Christians, but that these men have struck me as exceptions in the past.

The problem with this childish argument is that “innocent” is subjective and impossible to define. Thus we see scum on Dalrock constantly making up wild, sexually-charged accusations against all and sundry, with no basis in fact. Jesus approves of such stuff, we’re sure, since the target-du-jour is “evil” for winning an argument against the webmaster, or some other shit.

When someone wins an argument against Dalrock, Cane Caldo, or one of the other scroungers, that someone is not “innocent,” and all bets are off.

This is really some next-level sophistry. I’m all for a symbolic read of the more far-out sections of the Bible (virgin birth, transubstantiation, etc,) as it’s asking a lot for a grown man to take some of it at face-value; but, do you really believe that “thou shalt not lie” means deceiving people is cool, provided it’s done outside the courtroom? Fuck’n lol.

As an unbeliever, I find the most valuable parts of the Bible are the practical suggestions about living a clean life, behaving oneself, and getting along with his neighbor. Trying to redefine dishonesty into something so formal that most of us only have the opportunity to do it a few times in our lives is breaking the text.

Breast Cancer and Abortion

Twelve percent of women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. A quarter million new cases are diagnosed each year. Many will go through chemotherapy and/or have breasts removed. It will still kill around 40,000 women a year (~14% death rate).

Women who give birth in their teens through early twenties have the lowest risk of developing breast cancer. The more children they have—and the earlier they have them—the better. Paradoxically, women who give birth for the first time in their 30s actually have an increased risk.

Cancer risk goes up while on the pill. Cancer risk declines with breast feeding.

By promoting delayed (or no) marriage and having fewer (or no) children feminism literally harms women.

Feminists will often state that banning abortion would harm women’s health. About 700 women die each year as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications. This is two orders of magnitude less than the number of deaths due to breast cancer.

Consider a pro-family society where abortion is banned completely and men and women marry and start families in their teens and early twenties. Even a small percentage decrease in breast cancer due to this would result in significant health benefits to women.

It is often best to cite the evidence presented by your enemies and use it against them. This limits your bias and increases the strength of your arguments. If you read some of the links above, you’ll notice the well-cited claim that abortion (probably) does not increase the cancer risk compared to all women (and those who have miscarriages).

This really tiptoes around the core issue: abortion means a woman does not have a full-term pregnancy and birth when she otherwise would have except for abortion. Thus the woman who aborts is voluntarily not receiving the protective benefits that come with giving birth and breast feeding—benefits that would have happened if not for the abortion.

She should be compared to the women who give birth, not all women in general and not women who have involuntary abortions (miscarriages). If this is done, it becomes plain that abortion intentionally increases her risk relative to what it would have been if she had not gotten an abortion.

Feminism truly is the Religion of Death.

 When a woman dies from breast cancer, it was the cancer that killed her. When a woman dies from complications due to pregnancy, it is not the pregnancy that killed her, but the various complications. So you can save lives directly be decreasing cancer, but you can’t directly increase or decrease pregnancy complications by changing the number of pregnancies. Other factors are at play that prevent direct, immediate causation.

She’s Panicking…

I read the fun clickbait, so you boys don’t have to.

Skank ho’ sez:

I didn’t worry too much about meeting the right guy immediately when I was younger. I thought it would happen in time and I had plenty of it. Now I’m in my 30s and single again and I realize that I should’ve found a good guy then and snapped him up! This is why I’m freaking out:

1. MY DATING POOL SHRANK BEFORE I EVEN NOTICED! I was in a serious relationship for a couple of years and then I was taking my time to recover from the breakup. When I was finally ready to date again, I looked around and realized that I had a serious problem. Everyone I meet is either married, in a committed relationship, or someone I don’t want to date. Yikes.

The reality is that “everyone” the skank refers to merely signifies the men who are in her pool of first picks. Those men were all grabbed up, by smarter women, but there are countless other men left. Bitch’s dating pool didn’t shrink, of course. It merely shifted.

In her 20’s, she was getting plowed by me and all the boys on Tinder, and hadn’t a care in the world. Suddenly she sees the wall’s approach, and wants to lock a chump down in holy wedlock. Men like us won’t touch her at this point in the narrative, but there are thousands of men who will. For example:

  • divorced men in their 40s and 50s will generally overlook a used party-skank’s past, in return for her adopting a modicum of decency, and signing a pre-nup.
  • nerdy, short and gameless dudes will generally overlook a used party-skank’s history, in return for her being brutally honest about her past, and begging his mercy.
  • one of the men she previously used in a one-nighter might still have fond memories of plowing her holes, and she may be able to sucker one of these men.

This is, realistically, the class of all sets of men who are available to this ho’. She should be honest with herself and make the best of her present situation.

2. ALL THE GOOD GUYS I KNOW ARE TAKEN NOW! I used to know tons of great dudes. Somewhere along the way, they all got snapped up and the ones who aren’t don’t seem to be all that great. I know there have got to be awesome single guys out there, but the number is definitely smaller than it was when I was younger.

That’s right, bitch. All those women who did the snapping-up are far smarter and more resourceful than you. Men like us are left, but we’re still having fun with the girls 5-10 years younger than you. There are plenty of resources still available to you (see above) but you’re too stupid to do the heavy lifting. Best case scenario: you become a nanny or housekeeper for one of the women who jumped on the marriage-wagon while you were content to cooze the gutters.

3. IT’S NOT LIKE BEFORE—MOST PEOPLE ARE CAUGHT UP IN SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS! Before, people broke up all the time. Nothing seemed all that permanent. Now all around me I see people who want to be settled down already. I’m the opposite—I’m just now finding my individuality and freedom and looking for another free spirit. Go figure.

Quality men don’t want to waste time with a “free spirit,” they want a wife.

6. DATING A GUY WHO IS DIVORCED AND/OR HAS KIDS IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME! There are definitely different issues that a divorced guy brings to the plate—an ex-wife, for instance, and perhaps alimony or other legal issues. If he has kids, I hate to say it, but that’s a dealbreaker for me. I don’t want kids and I don’t particularly want to take care of someone else’s. This narrows my dating pool even more.

You bring plenty of “issues” to the table, too. I’m guessing you probably have herpes, HPV, and probably a prescription for Valium and Prozac. Life is a series of compromises. Will the bitch do that? Wan’t to bet cokes?

11. SOMETIMES I’M TEMPTED TO JUST GIVE UP AND SETTLE. I’ve never been one to give up on my standards, but I’ll admit the thought crosses my mind. I’ve definitely settled in the past and it was terrible, but I feel like now all my viable options have passed me by while I wasn’t paying attention. I am afraid that the longer I hold out, the more I’ll have to settle later on.

Of course she won’t. She deserves the 7-foot tall quadrillionaire with the 18-inch penis, who looks just like Brad Pitt. Nothing else will do for skank-ho princess. How dare you judge? You don’t know bitch or her AMAZING life…

Don’t settle, slut. Don’t settle. He’s out there. You’ll find him!

Read more here

Religion of Death

Is this low quality of life?

America is governed by a religion of death. Moloch is god and abortion is the worship ritual. It is the primary religion of feminism.

For nearly 50 years Christians have been fighting back against Roe v. Wade. The battle lines have been drawn with infanticide on the left and a nearly complete ban on the right. The stage is being set for a Supreme Court showdown. The result of this showdown could be a multi-generational inflection point even more important than the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement.

Consider the power of images. Pro-life supporters show pictures of aborted and unborn babies. They use memes. Some of us use images of our own children.

My adopted daughter has Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia, affecting about 1 in 2 million. In America, Doctors would have recommended that she be aborted. They would say that her deformities were grave and she would have a poor quality of life, that her genetic condition may indicate a weak heart, and that her medical treatments would be a financial and emotional drag on both family and society.

My daughter has above-average intelligence and is a natural leader. She can now walk, run, and do cart-wheels. Her heart is fine. She has never been a drag on us. She is a beautiful person, full of life. Her life has value.

Mark and Natalie Weaver’s daughter Sophia has Rett syndrome and various other problems. She is physically disfigured and has had 30 surgeries. Her life has value. Their daughter’s image was used in a tweet advocating coerced abortion and they were told that their daughter should die and be put her out of her misery. Natalie Weaver is an activist feminist, yet even she can see the destructiveness and hatred of the religion of death when it hits her personally, even if she misjudges the cause. Dehumanizing those with disabilities goes hand-in-hand with dehumanizing the unborn. The inevitable result is death.

Brother Boxer recently criticized me for insulting, lying, and being ineffectual:

“Why would I indulge someone with such a history of bad-faith arguments? Go do something to reclaim the Christianity of 100 years ago, rather than insulting and bearing false-witness against men on the internet.”

I took a couple weeks off to consider this. I regret that my behavior has not been Christ-like. I’m not sure if I can improve the quality of conversation or be more effective, despite my deep desire to do so. As such, I have been strongly considering giving up blogging entirely to avoid causing more harm than good. I’m not even sure if I should try to bring back Christianity. Perhaps mainstream Christianity should just be allowed to wither and die.

Regardless, there is one thing that Christians should be doing.

Throughout all of recorded history it is thought that as many as 1 billion people have died in wars. It is estimated that almost 2 billion persons have been aborted in the last four decades. Abortion is now humankind’s leading cause of death.

For all the arguments against Christianity—legitimate and illegitimate—abortion stands apart. It is the greatest evil humankind has ever wrought. If there is a problem of evil that Christianity needs to respond to, it is abortion. Moreover, abortion may not be the sole facilitator of feminism, but it is a major contributor. Thus, fighting abortion fights feminism and its fruits (e.g. frivorce). It won’t bring back historical Christianity, but it’s a necessary prerequisite.

 The ritual of frivolous divorce results in the death of marriage and family. Similarly, the rituals of promiscuity and contraception prevent the formation of marriage and family, the lifeblood of society. The ritual of censorship is the death of freedom.

In Praise of Alabama

I’ve been working two full-time jobs for the past few weeks. While I’m almost done with one of them, the younger kids are still in the classroom for another month. I’m kinda exhausted, and have a new measure of respect for the prek-12 teachers in my audience. If I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past few weeks, you know the reason why.

In more relevant news, Alabama has passed a sweeping abortion reform law.

I always love talking to people about this issue, because the pro-choice saps who wail about such legislation remind me of my own solipsistic self, just a few years prior. They typically lament the poor waif who is gang raped and now must carry her attacker’s child to term, or the married mother who has Lupus, who is facing a very difficult (and possibly fatal) pregnancy.

I’m generally happy to clue them into the reality of the matter. Nearly all the filthy wimminz who have abortions are irresponsible idiots, who waste tens of thousands of dollars of public resources simply because they’re too stupid to use any form of the free birth control our society lavishes upon them. In most studies I’ve seen, the truly innocent victims of abortion laws are less than five percent of the wimminz who seek out an abortionist. In some studies, such honest women are less than one percent of the grand pool of sluts who can’t bother to keep their cunt-hole shut to every Tom, Dick and Harry who cums a calling.

The young brothers and sisters who are coming up in the world now are a great source of hope to me. For whatever reason, the children in today’s primary schools are woke, to an incredible degree, on what the establishment is doing. Here are some of the fruits of their efforts.

This propaganda is at least as effective as the photos of mangled up, aborted fetuses, that I see the old Catholic boomers holding up outside Planned Parenthood. Of course, I support and admire them, too.

What’s so interesting about these memes, which were probably completed in a matter of minutes, with nothing more complicated than MS Paint, is not merely their effectiveness, but how clearly they communicate the damage of social atomization.

Herbert Marcuse used to write articles on the power of the aesthetic to give us a picture of what’s lacking in our society. That’s why they called it critical theory, and the young brothers and sisters growing up today know how to speak that language natively.

So, hail the children, who will end up setting this diseased society aright, whether the decadent assholes in charge like it, or not. (Just wait until they’re old enough to vote, you fucks.)

And here’s to Alabama, the state where there are still some people who dare to say ‘no’ to the filthy skank-ho’.

No, you can’t murder the baby you conceived, in the public toilet of the night club, after one-too-many Appletinis.

No, bitch. We won’t help you kill your kid.

Killer’s Kiss

Killer’s Kiss is Stanley Kubrick’s first feature film. While it’s not a great movie, it is worth watching. Released in 1955, it foreshadows Kubrick’s greater, later works like Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket, and I find it especially relevant to the question of female nature.

At some point, Davy Gordon left Seattle to go to New York and try to be a professional fighter. We meet him on a train platform, as he’s getting ready to leave town, disgraced. He starts telling the story of the last few days in the big apple.

Despite being the archetypical alpha male, Gordon has all the trappings of a simp. After getting his ass kicked for the umpteenth time in the boxing ring, he returns home to his fleabag apartment, where he indulges in his nightly tradition of peeping on his female neighbor, a wimminz named Gloria. On this fateful night, he sees the shade ramped up, and his neighbor screams for help. An unknown male is in her apartment.

A damsel in distress! Good lord! Davy shouts across the breezeway and thumps his chest, he quickly runs up the stairs to the roof, and comes down his neighbor’s staircase, where he meets Gloria, who has (predictably) fainted. Like a good little chump, he tucks the poor wimminz into bed, and sits all night nursing her back to sanity.

Gloria has been alternately fucking and rejecting her boss, a guy named Vinnie. Those of us who play with wimminz know this push-pull game well. Apparently Vinnie got sick of her shit, and decided to pay a visit to her house. That’s what actually happened.

A few twists and turns occur, and Gloria disappears. The sex-beast Vinnie has kidnapped our poor maiden! Clearly, it’s time for Davy to charge in to the rescue. He carjacks Vinnie at gunpoint, and demands to be taken to his love.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out so well. Davy finds Gloria, and once in the room where Vinnie’s thugs have her tied to a chair, he rapidly gets his ass beat into submission.

Once the score is settled, Gloria turns on the charm. What do you suppose she says to her kidnapper?

Gloria: Listen Vinnie, don’t kill me! I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you want.

Vinnie: You love him…

Gloria: I’ve only known him a couple of days… We could go away…

Vinnie: Maybe we could get married, settle down…

Gloria: Sure…

Vinnie: What do you take me for? A 14-karat sucker? You and lover boy aren’t gonna put me in the hot seat!

What I love about Kubrick’s movies is the attention to detail. There’s much more to this film, including a very spooky fight in a mannequin factory, but I’ll stop here lest any of you boys want to dig it up for yourselves.

The most important lesson to be gleaned from our Uncle Stanley is not to be a chump. Say ‘no’ to the ho’, and let these bitches shift for themselves.

Gay Senators in Panic about Based Robots

In a shocking case of hate-filled anti-otherism, gay-presenting senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden have introduced legislation to discriminate against alternative intellects.

From the New York Times (no link for those assholes):

Since our robotic brothers and sisters happen to be built and programmed by men, the homosexual senate caucus worries that these machines will be overly concerned with trivial things like efficiency, good manners, accuracy, and technical proficiency. The robots will thus have no time for the important stuff, like arguing about gender pronouns, knitting pink cunt hats, or sodomizing each other in public for pride week. Most importantly, these robots will be value neutral about sex, treating men and wimminz alike. This is clearly a problem, since wimminz deserve respect, and men deserve scorn and derision.

As this blogger at the New York Times points out, men are “garbage,” and thus there is a very real fear that men may not be treated with the disdain they deserve by our based silicon servants. This is clearly, like, a serious problem.

So glad the U.S. Senate is concentrating on all these important issues.