The Final Cut

Some weeks ago, it came to my attention that WordPress was beginning to censor protected political speech. Rumors suggested that they were specifically targeting supporters of President Donald Trump, possibly in an effort to manipulate the 2020 election. This came two years after WordPress changed its terms to silence anyone who makes fun of trannies.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t like Donald Trump, and that I think he has betrayed those of us who gave him a chance. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, and I didn’t vote for him in 2020. That’s beside the point.

While I don’t care much about drag queens or transsexuals, I don’t see why they should be immune from criticism. My own personal feelings about the president and crossdressers are overshadowed by my hatred and disgust for the people who are presently trying to censor the internet.

One either allows for a free-flow of ideas, or he doesn’t, and the fact that WordPress has chosen to arbitrarily gag its users suggests that its own telos has reached an impassable contradiction. Therefore, I have decided not to continue to subsidize WordPress.

This is not a question of money. My fees here are miniscule. I see it as a moral problem. The people who attempt to deny us all our free speech are our deadly enemies, and I have no interest in throwing them any money, however trivial the cost.

Aside from all these reasons, I’m also somewhat burnt out on posting, and my lack of activity here is a fair illustration of this. I suppose part of the ennui is just part of getting older. Much of it is an improvement in my own material conditions. Finally, there’s only so many essays one can write about skank-ho wimminz before he has said all there is to be said.

I am going to hire someone to move the domain name, and attempt to point it here. I am going to let this blog revert to its “free” format. A lot of very talented people (Derek, etc.) have contributed content here, and I think it serves the public interest to have it stay up as long as possible. I may format the content into a pdf file, if I feel it would be useful.

V5K2C2 has attempted to forward discussion of issues which are vital to our democracy, in an attempt to foster an open society, and to build the vision of a more equitable world. All the material here is the collective property of all men, in every nation, and is published without copyright. This blog was made possible by the enthusiastic support of its readers and authors, the commitments of good men who donated their time, and the collaboration of its partners on other blogs. I thank everyone who read here.

On Deseret

Some time ago, one of my fellow tribesmen sent me this proposed map of Deseret, assuming I’d like it. We then had an interesting discussion about Deseret.

If Deseret were re-established, I don’t see this map as being a particularly realistic representation of it. For example:

Deseret would include Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Twin Falls. Whoever created this illustration has zero knowledge of Mormon political history or demographics.

Deseret would not include Los Angeles and San Diego. It would reasonably stretch as far south as San Bernardino (an early Mormon colony.)

Deseret would not include any part of Colorado or Oregon, but it would include all of Nevada.

Deseret would include enclaves in places like Galeana, Mexico; and Cardston, Canada. Mormons founded those colonies and we are still a majority there.