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All the World’s a Stage

Zerohedge has an article about the viral video by reubengotsoul.

People can blame George Soros or the “international bankers,” but that’s silly. If I had to guess, I’d finger the Donald Trump administration, as the chaos we have seen of late only benefits his chances for a landslide re-election.

In case you’re joining the party late, here’s the news…

For years, I have written about a game the system plays with young men.

In the first act, the system uses political theatre to get a naïve young chump to emotionally identify with one team in an apparent two-sided squabble.

In the second act, the system stages a simulacrum of conflict, in order to get the two sides fighting.

For the depressing denouement, the system sends its pigs out to roll all the suckers on both sides up, and send them off to one of its prisons, where they’ll be enslaved for years.

Proud Boys v. Antifa, black v. white, republican v. democrat… These are metaphysically meaningless distinctions. The only important thing, in the eyes of the system, is that you can be identified with a side, and blamed for its excesses.

Those excesses are often (if not usually) caused by the system itself.

A couple of days ago, I noted that the predator drones that were flying over the protests were there to gather photographic evidence on each and every person who went down to protest police brutality.

If you were in the vicinity of a “happening” in the past week, you are now being watched. The pigs don’t need to send agents to follow you around. The extensive network of cell towers and video cameras which are ubiquitous across America are now doing that job for them, thanks to quarantine rules which just happened to be legislated into place a few weeks ago.

(How Convenient!)

Consider the following scenarios…

  • Brother John goes to a peaceful protest. Someone else throws one of the bricks (that has “magically” appeared, right next to the federal courthouse) and does property damage. Brother John is now on the list, and marked for arrest.
  • Brother Joe stays away from the protest. Someone from the protest (who just “magically” appeared “out of nowhere” to cause trouble) attacks Joe. Joe warns the troublemaker away with an AR-15. Joe is now on the list, and marked for arrest.

The police and the army aren’t out on the streets to “help” anyone. They’re out on the streets to arrest and enslave both Joe and John. Once that simple truth is grasped, all the weirdness that is presently transpiring will instantly become understandable.

Hopefully this explains why I have no sympathy for the pigs (who will be arresting both Joe and John, if they don’t beat him to death first), or for the system (which has empowered the pigs, and given them the rules to play by.)

Stay safe out there, my brothers.

How White Dudez Riot

I saw a couple of interesting things as I switched around on livestreams last night. The first happened in Dallas.

About an hour after the pigs ran away, they moved back into this area with tear gas, pushing the protest a couple of blocks down the street. Dallas police eventually moved adjacent to a parking lot where rioters were attempting to burn a police car. Suddenly, about a dozen armed white militia appeared and took defensive positions around the perimeter, and allowed the rioters to escape. The cameraman panned around as he was running and the militia had AR-15 rifles trained on the police, covering the exit.

The Dallas riot ended not due to direct police interference, but because there was a mixed race couple attempting to start fistfights and attacking other protestors. There was also a group of African-American Christian guys who were running around interfering with the protest, citing the New Testament. This is all coherent with COINTELPRO doctrine. The pigs will often pay people to cause internal problems, in order to break up the revolutionary solidarity of a countercultural group.

I then switched to this guy’s great Minneapolis livestream…

Regg Inkagnido on Youtube

When I joined the narrator was interviewing an African American guy who was complaining about a group of “hostile white dudes,” who were “not from Minnesota.” He described them as “burning everything” but were not part of the protest. The cameraman indicated that they had intimidated him also, and that he didn’t want to mess with them. He caught them as they moved, in military formation, from building to building, methodically burning everything in their path. At one point, the cameraman expressed fear that they were going to burn an occupied building where senior citizens and disabled people were sheltering. (They didn’t.)

Every time the cameraman met someone new, they described being frightened of the white guerrillas who were fighting the cops and the MN national guard.

“These white people don’t fuck around… I knew lots of people in prison, and I know these type of people… You don’t fuck with them… I am gonna mind my business…”

This marks a very significant departure from the historical narrative of previous riots. These were not “antifa” troublemakers. They were regular, working class White folks, who acted as though they had military training, moving against the pigs in a deliberate and organized fashion.

Remember the white militia who got fucked over during the quarantine? They’re still pissed off, and now they’re coordinating with Black Lives Matter.

2020 is not a good year to be a police officer.

Making Oneself a Target

Part of living in clownworld is the burden of imposing a critique of ideology on men who should know better. Right now, there is a so-called manosphere man, who is actually encouraging other men to feel sorry for the huge transnational corporation which is Target.

Target is theoretically headquartered in Minnesota, but as with all transnational corporations, it cares nothing for the people who live and work in its vicinity. Target is only headquartered local to Minnesotans thanks to inertia or kickbacks from local government. If it found it advantageous, Target would immediately move its headquarters to Toronto, London, or Hong Kong.

For a great illustration of how loyal Target has historically been to the people of Minnesota, I present this photograph:

This is a display in a Minneapolis Target store. Specifically, the display is located in a section where young girls, ages 9 – 13, buy clothes. Target made it an important part of its mission to groom working-class children to see sexual degeneracy as desirable and normal.

The class distinction is important. Middle class parents can take their kids to Macy’s or Dillard’s or J.C. Penney. People of modest means shop at Target because they have to. Working class girls are conditioned to be dykes and trannies, while middle class girls can remain women.

Here is what a Minneapolis Target looks like today. I’m sure the corporation took a tiny hit in its billion dollar budget, but I don’t feel sorry for them, and you shouldn’t either.

I am not condoning the vandalism, but I’m not feeling sorry for a transnational corporation, either. Target has exploited the people of Minnesota for decades. Finally, the people of Minnesota took back a tiny fraction of what had been stolen from them.

It should also be noted that Target’s profits have soared during the pandemic shutdown. While all the smaller mom and pop stores have been shuttered out of business, Target was allowed to stay open. They have reaped record profits as a result.

Who the real “looterz” are, is therefore questionable.

I am not unclear on where the sentiment to sympathize with this exploitative monster are coming from. Amazingly, the corporate parasites in charge of this business have ordered their lackeys in the media to downplay their wild windfalls with articles like this one…

They actually had to (temporarily) pay their slaves two whole dollars over the minimum wage. The horror!

Thankfully, the people are getting wise to the media shenanigans, and the feminist journalists appear to be next on the list for some payback. Here’s CNN headquarters, in Atlanta. (Thanks to Laura Loomer on Parler)

Agents Provocateurs

For many years, I have warned young brothers to stay away from these political demonstrations. This is a great example of my motivation.

For 12 hours, the pubic was indulging in peaceful candlelight vigils to honor the memory of George Floyd. Suddenly, some anonymous dumbass appears to brazenly commit arson. The cameraman turned the lens on him after he threw a molotov cocktail, and he proceeds to bash out all of the windows, so that his fire will have plenty of air to run the building through.

When I watched the video above, the overwhelming feeling I got was that whoever this cocksmoker was, he acted like a cop. Note his reaction when the serious young protestor asks him why he just committed a felony. It was instant bully mode, as he turns around and assaults that brother.

The St. Paul police department denies it’s him, but his own wife is on record fingering him as the man who burned down Minneapolis.


What does this mean for the people who were at the protest? It means that all of them are now eligible for felony charges.

The young brothers who went downtown, simply to ask for a redress of grievances, are going to be rounded up shortly, and many of them will be given prison sentences. They’ll lose their right to vote, their right to own a firearm, and their options for employment and scholarships.

Every single person who has protested is now on a list. They have photos of all the faces and license plate numbers of everyone who attended, which means that even if you are not arrested shortly, you will be watched. For the rest of your life, whenever the feminist state wants to compel you to be their servant, they will show up and threaten you with a long prison sentence for violent terrorism.

Because I know my critics will spin this in all the most ridiculous possible ways, I’ll just end by reminding them that I’m not on the pigs’ side in this conflict. If it weren’t for these murderous pigs, we wouldn’t be faced with:

  • crippling alimony judgments
  • ridiculous child custody laws (legalized kidnapping)
  • debtor’s prison for poor men who can’t afford child support

Special note for all you white nationalist guys, if it weren’t for the cops, you wouldn’t be forced to live next to non-whites. You also could also deport race-mixers like me. Why you guys so often cuck for these pigs is a real mystery.

As though they wanted to drive the point home, our masters announced yesterday that murdering a handcuffed man is not a criminal act (provided one of their asslicking suckups does it.)

I almost have to admire the hubris here. Why didn’t they go all out and pin medals on the murderers?

One thing I know is that the cops are not my friend. I’m not going to talk to them, or become noticeable to them, or give them an excuse to put me on their list. You shouldn’t either.

It’s going to be a hot summer. Remember your general orders. Resist the urge to indulge in organized crime or radical politics, as these will limit your options in the future. If you’re angry, find some way to channel your emotions productively.

Don’t be needlessly drawn into an unwinnable fight. This is what it means to be a man.

President Bitch

After “closely monitoring” the situation for three full years, President Bitch finally wrote an executive order about social media censorship. I read the order today. It ordered more monitoring of the situation, with some swamp committees and commissions opened up at our expense.

Social media stocks surged after the order was published, and it was understood that President Bitch once again broke one of his promises. 12 hours later, and President Bitch got muzzled.

I don’t have to wonder how it feels, knowing that a faggot like Jack Dorsey can censor me on the internet. Now President Bitch can feel it too.


Edit: 29 May 2020 (1305 PDT)


Thoughts on Starting a Home Church

Over on Gunner Q., I asked why American Christians didn’t simply start home churches. The author replied:

This response is notable, because whenever I ask this question, (as I have, many times) I get precisely this sort of response. It finally dawned on me, this morning, that I’m failing to communicate what I mean.

I will correct myself immediately by defining ‘home church’.

I don’t mean investing tons of money in expensive pulpits, stained glass or lighting.
I don’t mean registering an LLC, or applying for the 501(c) tax exemption.
I don’t mean advertising in print or digital media.
I don’t mean paying some con-artist to “ordain” you as a priest.

Many imagine that priests are required to have special training to lead religious services. This is a depressing illustration of just how illiterate many Americans are.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This is your certificate of ordination. Congratulations! You are now fully qualified to preach, perform marriage, blessing, baptism and funeral rites, and to give the holy eucharist.

Despite the fancy suit, she is no more qualified than you are.

While the first amendment guarantees that anyone of any religion can legally lead his congregation in America, Protestants have a unique advantage, in that their religious texts and their church fathers have long held up the ideal of an autonomous community of believers.

Christian philosopher Martin Luther declared that every believer is a priest.

St. Paul, the author of the Holy Bible, agrees with Martin Luther.

Jesus, the original Christian prophet, wants you to start a home church.

So, why hasn’t the author of this article started a home church, already? His first excuse is the lack of antifeminist men in California. It is somewhat hard for me to believe that a state with Ronald Reagan’s no-fault divorce legislation (including legendarily punitive lifetime alimony laws) isn’t full of men (of all religions) which have complaints about feminism. Even so, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Have some very simple business cards printed up with your name, your phone numbers, and your email address. Buy the minimum quantity, but don’t use the cheapest paper or typesetting.
  2. Don’t call it a home church. Call it a study group.
  3. Train yourself to look for men who might be a good fit for your bible study, and casually mention it when you find a promising candidate.
  4. Move toward disruption. If one of your acquaintances is going through a death, a divorce, or having problems with custody, support that man and invite him over.
  5. Become the alternative to the status quo.

The Status Quo: Priests Blessing an Abortion Clinic

The author’s second excuse includes some criticism of his immediate circle of friends, who don’t want to risk catching SARS or having trouble with the authorities.  There’s really no reason why a serious man couldn’t get an account at YouTube during the quarantine, and livestreaming some bible verses, prayer and commentary.

Most confrontations with the pigs happen because of obvious problems that are easy to fix. Imagine two cars, speeding through a red light. The pig on duty has to choose between the Mazda with a broken mirror, and a well maintained four-door sedan. We all know who is getting the ticket. Keeping your lawn mowed, your house neat, and your neighbors untroubled will keep you flying safely under the radar.

If you do get a visit from the cops, it is important to be totally honest and forthcoming. You don’t need to boast about holding organized religious services. You’re just meeting up with your brothers informally.

Social atomization is a very real problem, and it will only be fixed by building the infrastructure of a new society, on the decaying carcass of this one. Starting a home church is the antidote to atomization, not a victim of it.

The concept of the home church is uniquely suited both as a source of strength for vulnerable men, and as a source of social criticism. The home church movement in China has been very popular for decades, and despite constant surveillance, there isn’t shit the government there can do about it.

There has never been a better time…

Aesthetic Theory and Rape Porn

Yesterday I wandered down to my abandoned beach, eerily peaceful despite the long holiday weekend. While walking, I realized that I had a series of easily answered questions.

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Derek was an author at the Sigma Frame Blog. He told me I was full of shit. Does Derek have an account there? I thought he did.
  2. Just last week, someone mentioned that LastMod had been banned from Sigma Frame. Is this true? What on earth could he have done?

I have no personal squabble with the Sigma Frame blog, with its author, or with any of its readers. I haven’t read it in years, simply because I am not a good fit for the content. I have never bothered to ponder the reasons why. Certain things just don’t appeal to me.

Even so, people I enjoyed reading seem to be having issues with the outlet, and this was reason enough for me to poke around.

So it was that I wandered over there today, in the hope of answering my questions.

Had my original question been why don’t I like to read Sigma Frame? I would have had an easy answer with the very first article I saw. It prominently featured a bit of bondage porn.

The article had some comments, and they were generally supportive.

I don’t know who “AngloSaxon” is, but if he wanders in here, I’d love to know what he loved, specifically, about the woman in the wedding dress, bound with electrical tape, looking as though she’s watching the BTK killer pick up the blow torch.

The only thing I know about “Lexet Blog” is that the author doesn’t like me. I don’t know (or care) why. The first clue I had about the existence of this outlet was when Derek Ramsey linked back to an article I wrote, in a discussion with this character, and he dismissed it by insulting my character and intelligence.

As O.P. Rockwell (or Anton LaVey) might remind me, water seeks out and finds its own level. I’m comfortable with the sharp delineation between residents of this post code and a bunch of degenerates with rape fantasies.

Whenever I have an emotional reaction to something, I always try to analyze it. A critic might accuse me of having some sort of sexual hangup, in not finding photos of bound, gagged, terrified women appealing. I suppose that’s probably true. Even so, I think my contention is less moral than aesthetic. I am not against porn, or men enjoying it. I like porn myself. I generally like the same sorts of porn that my grandfather found exciting. These inevitably feature non-nude women alone, in various provocative states of skimpy dress.

I can’t see her body, but she has long hair and a nice, feminine smile.

I’m not ordinarily a huge fan of redheads, but I’d get this woman’s number.

She looks like someone I’d stick my dick into, in five seconds flat.

I still don’t know whether Ram Man writes for Sigma Frame, or whether Last Mod got banned there, and I suppose I don’t care enough to keep dredging through such content. I’m glad they’re both here, even if I spend most of my time disagreeing with them. If I’ve reported something incorrectly, now or in the past, I hope they will forgive me.

Life is short. Get off the internet, and go someplace beautiful.

Profiles in Exceptional Motherhood: Jenny Erikson

Jenny Erikson and Her Mormon Fiance (March, 2020)

Jenny Erikson describes herself as a public figure, and I accept her autoencomia, which are freely available in a number of different places (links at the bottom of this article.) Her professional achievements include managing high-profile political campaigns for several Republican candidates. She is also an established journalist, with columns in print and digital mass media outlets.

While the father of Jenny’s two older children (the ex-husband), and the father of Jenny’s two younger children (the fiance), are public figures also, I am withholding their names out of respect for their privacy.

When she isn’t campaigning, Erikson’s editorial work tends to focus on homemaking. A self described “mommy blogger,” Erikson is paid to teach the public how to feed, clothe, and raise their children. I argue here that Jenny Erikson’s standing to give such advice is questionable, based on her long and public history of extreme misbehavior.

Way back in November of 2013, Dalrock hosted a very interesting response to an article Erikson published on her personal blog. (Her blog is defunct, and the domain is now for sale at jennyerikson dot com.)

In this initial article, Erikson posted a series of shocking and scathing denunciations of both her husband, and of her priest. Her contention then was based upon having filed for divorce without her husband’s knowledge. Her priest, who was apparently connected at the courthouse, found out about the lawsuit (divorces are a matter of public record in California) and asked her husband if he could counsel the couple, thereby spilling the beans before she could have the satisfaction of dropping the hammer.

Dalrock. He Ruined the Surprise! (23 November 2013)

Part of the fun of researching these stories is finding my old work still preserved. I left a comment on Jenny Erikson’s first blog article, all those years ago, which she deleted almost immediately. I was able to cut-n-paste it into the comment section at Dalrock.

I Am a Prophet… Like Brigham Young Himself!

While a normal person would not stoop to airing her family’s dirty laundry over the internet, Jenny enjoyed using her position in journalism to damage her husband’s reputation. Jenny’s initial blog post was only the first in a series, and her tone steadily descended into outright lunacy.

In subsequent articles, Erikson alleged that her husband was a sexual psychopath. She maintained this position, despite providing no proof of any wrongdoing.

Jenny Erikson was not content to merely rant on her lonely personal blog. Despite having no evidence for any of her insane allegations, she found help boosting the signal thanks to any number of male feminists, who were eager to help her spread malicious rumors. One supreme gentleman, who was only too willing to simp for m’lady, was the high profile CONservative Christian essayist Matt Walsh. Walsh began writing posts on his own blog, sending hourly messages over twitter, and uttering curses from the Christian god against anyone who might question his skank-ho damsel.

Matt Walsh: Married Men: Your Porn Habit Is Adultery! (25 November 2013
Cane Caldo: Matt Walsh Gets Bored and Destroys Families (25 November 2013)
Dalrock: Soothing Words for the Unrepentant Baby Mama (26 November 2013)

For the record,  Erikson’s husband has no criminal history, he is not on the sex offender registry, and the judges in Jenny’s divorce do not appear to have taken her mean spirited libel seriously. I have never believed that Jenny’s allegations were credible, but they did serve to illustrate just how depraved a wimminz can be when she decides to cash out with the help of our anti-family court system.

Jenny Erikson’s divorce became a public spectacle which was so embarrassingly ridiculous that Dalrock wrote an entire series of articles, over the course of several years, as she stumbled from one misadventure to the next. You can read through some of them here.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018, when I was contacted privately by one of my readers, and asked if I had heard about Jenny. The question was motivated by yet another article Jenny had posted on her personal blog, which made the reader think she might be converting to the Latter-Day Saint religion.

The LDSers are the largest of several competing religious organizations serving Mormons. While I am not a member of the LDS church, I did grow up practicing the Mormon folk religion, and I was curious about Jenny’s newfound interest.

In the process of reading Jenny’s account of her visits to the local stake center, I came to understand her motives for investigating the LDS church. It turned out that Jenny was not only seeing an LDS gentleman. She also boasted that they were expecting a child together, and were engaged to be married.

It was only a few short weeks later that Jenny put a happy spin on the fact that her fiance, the father of her illegitimate child, had embarrassingly decided to ghost out on their wedding at the last minute.

v5k2c2: Bullet Dodged (13 August 2018)

By that time, the lucky couple had given birth to their first child, and were already expecting a second.

Outsiders probably have a hard time understanding why this supposedly religious Mormon, who had already had a bastard child with this divorcée, refused to marry her. Men in this post code might assume that he was motivated by the tragic story of Jenny’s ex-husband. (No man wants to be the next lucky winner in the divorce cycle.) no doubt that’s part of it, but I suspect there is more to the story, and I can explain my suspicions here.

Mormons (no matter what their religion, if any) place an extreme importance on marriage and bloodlines. We revere our ancestors, and we keep track of our genealogy like no other ethnic group does.

To a Mormon man, Jenny Erikson is an outsider. LDSers often call them “non-members,” but the semantic content is the same. Jenny is not one of us, and she can never be one of us.

Jenny is white, which is important, because every Mormon is descended from New England WASPs who came west from Vermont and New York in a covered-wagon migration. Outsiders who are white are treated by a complicated set of interconnected rules, based on the fact that they might be able to pass for one of us, if they learn enough about us.

If a Mormon has a white baby with an outsider, and if that white baby is raised correctly, there is some chance that child could fit in with us. Even so, that child will be marginalized for her entire life in our community. She will be allowed to be blessed and baptized, and she’ll be permitted to serve us in menial ways, but she won’t be marrying into one of the established families, and the Mormon man who marries her will likely be a second tier type, who will be unfit for any sort of community leadership position.

So, in choosing to associate herself with this man, Jenny has chosen one of the few people guaranteed not to ever fully trust or love her. She has chosen a man whose entire extended family will never accept any of her children, not even the ones who are their biological relatives. She has exposed her two older daughters to the possibility of serious emotional and psychological damage, merely by shoehorning them into our closed society. Mormons don’t like outsiders intruding into their cliques, and we don’t mind showing it, even to little kids.

Jenny is white but she is also an outspoken Christian, which is to say, a heathen, a polytheist, a helper of Satan, and a descendant of our deadly enemies. I don’t remember what she wrote on her blog about her reception at sacrament meeting, but I doubt she was well received, even in a liberal California ward. The fact that the father of her two youngest children refuses to marry her suggests that his family has had some say in the matter. It’s safe to assume that they definitely don’t approve.

For Mr. Fiance to fuck and sire children through a ho’ like Jenny is somewhat embarrassing to the wider Mormon community. I’m sure he’s been dismissed from his position in the ward and is likely on the shit list with his former friends. For him to marry a Christian slut, in contrast, would be an absolute disaster. His family (including his Mormon children through his first wife) may well disown him. If he didn’t disappear, it’s a safe bet that the high council would convene a disciplinary tribunal.

The underlying reasons that Jenny and her fiance did not marry, and yet are still fucking and shacking up together, may now be somewhat more clear to the casual observer. We are a pragmatic people, and appearances matter. We realize that an older gent might occasionally visit a skank-ho prostitute, but no Mormon man is allowed to marry her without serious eternal consequences, in the next world and in this one.

Down below, anon alerted me to the fact that Jenny has apparently had a fourth kid. I had forgotten all about this, but Earl noted it in the messages in my 2018 article.

Anon writes:


Jenny Erickson, who I had forgotten about for years until coming here and seeing old Dalrock commenters, is apparently engaged (it is unclear if the finance is the father of the two children she had out of wedlock), AND all she does is write fawning articles about Prince Harry and Meghan… … Oh, and she is still a cuckservative poster-girl, with many cuckservative fans.

After referring him to my 2018 article, anon replied:

But are children #3 and #4 the offspring of this man, or do they have yet a different father (or two different fathers)?

That would mean, worst case, this slut has 4 children via 3 different men, and still got this fourth schlub to get engaged to her.

Even if he is just the third schlub, this is already pretty extreme.

Daughters 1 and 2 are sired by Jenny’s unfortunate ex-husband. Daughters 3 and 4 are sired by my cousin from Deseret. There are four children, by two different men.

Between ex-husband and my cousin from Deseret, Jenny wrote articles on Cafe Mom and The Stir about all the men she was fucking during her divorce. Anything is possible, but the four children on her social media are the unadopted, unaborted offspring she incessantly boasts about. Other men are common knowledge, but other children, if any, have been pretty well hidden.

At this point, my readers probably wonder why Erikson deserves so much attention. After all, she’s just a typical lying skank-ho wimminz, who ran a decent man through the divorce courts. There’s no shortage of those creeps around. Why should we bother talking about her? There are many reasons, but these are the most important ones to me:

1. Erikson has managed to establish herself as one of the more prominent members of the “Republican CONservative” movement. She has around 9000 sycophantic twitter followers, and her real reach was on display when the pathetic halfman Matt Walsh publicized her to the half million stupid Christians who pay his bills.

To repeat what I mentioned earlier: social media users call this technique boosting the signal, and one will often see wimminz requesting it (as Erikson has done many times). Wimminz tend to do this in the hopes to have their target harassed in the real-world, or lose his job. As we have already seen, Jenny did this in 2013, when she wanted to libel her ex-husband to a broader audience.

2. Erikson is prone to histrionic, childish meltdowns. These usually follow a pattern where some man questions her qualifications, at which point she simultaneously accuses him of various character flaws, all while claiming that the criticism is unjust, and begging her male friends for help in harassing her target. It wasn’t just her husband. Her typical response to criticism is to escalate it to hilarious proportions.

Jenny Erikson has significant social and political power, and she earns her living passing her insolent judgment on other parents in print, most of whom are far more competent parents than she is.

Jenny cursed me out privately two years ago. I interpreted that exchange as a request for no further contact. As such, she has not been asked to comment on this article. Be that as it may, if she feels I’ve treated her unfairly, she is welcome to leave a comment or send me an email.

All of the material I used for this article was made publicly available by Jenny herself. My sources include:

mom dot com (professional) (professional)
instagram (jennyerikson)
instagram (second chance family)
twitter (JennyErikson)

Studies in Oneitis: John and Mary

I think this video, produced by John David Ebert, about his (now dead) girlfriend, Mary Church, is useful viewing for all men.

Ebert is an interesting man. His biography includes dropping out of undergrad to go to work for the Joseph Campbell Foundation. He subsequently worked at semiotext(e) (with game huckster Neil Strauss a/k/a Style, of all people) proofreading heady philosophical work by thinkers such as Peter Sloterdijk and Slavoj Žižek.

He racked up significant achievements, with only training as a high-school graduate. This suggests that Ebert is an incredibly bright man, and that when he is motivated to learn something, there’s nothing that stops him.

A couple of years ago, Ebert met a barely legal stripper/prostitute, named Mary Church. For reasons that will surprise no one in this post code, that relationship was very brief. Mary was very troubled, and she suicided a couple of years ago. Ebert subsequently spent the last several months publicizing his deceased lover’s art.

I’m not an art critic, but her art strikes me as very interesting. Occasionally she did some funny stuff that we might enjoy here. For example: here she is making fun of trannies…

It’s a shame this woman passed away. Whatever her other faults, more work in this direction would have earned her a spot in the women’s auxiliary.

About a month ago, Ebert began kooking out on twitter. Apparently some third-party clued him in to the fact that his girlfriend was lying to him, throughout the entirety of their relationship.

So, to recap, a brilliant 50-year old geezer fell in love with a teenage girl who had a career as a stripper/escort, and (despite his superior intellect) he is somehow surprised that she ran around on him in the era of feminism. He is now kooking out in the most embarrassing fashion, despite the fact that she died a year ago.