Reading Marx (with Andrew Anglin)

Over on The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin admits that he doesn’t understand the concept of ideology. This isn’t entirely his fault, because the lexical range of that word is so broad, its use so varied, that it’s almost a floating signifier. I don’t know if Anglin has ever read my blog, but I do know someone from the Daily Stormer pops in here rather regularly. That’s the reason I started becoming acquainted with Anglin’s work. I followed a trail of digital breadcrumbs back to DS, several months ago. I’ll admit that I’m hooked.

While Anglin is a great writer with an accessible style and a good sense of humor, I almost always disagree with him. For example, in his latest article, he talks about black men being the natural enemy of civilization, and about how the cops are civilization’s protectors. He (naturally) lays some or all of the blame of this at the feet of “the Jews”. He then goes on to talk about how the democrats are plotting to kill white people, and he laments the fact that the republicans don’t seem to be fighting them hard enough. Anglin wraps up his talk by reminding us about how important it is that we all work hard to re-elect Donald Trump. Despite the fact that President Trump has never lifted a finger to enforce the basic first amendment protections that Anglin (and I) are regularly denied, by big tech monopolies, which operate entirely on publicly funded infrastructure that our tax dollars developed and continue to pay for. Anglin struggles to understand all these things, but I think I understand all of them fairly well.

Anglin’s inability to figure such stuff out may be partly rooted in his reactionary reading of history. Anglin describes himself (semi-sarcastically) as a neo-Nazi. I don’t know if he’s entirely serious when he does this, because his webmaster admits to being descended from Jewish people, and it seems strange to me that they would be such great friends with such diverse backgrounds. I doubt his commitment to his own ideological apparatus, but ultimately, it’s not my business. I do know that I’m able to divine what’s going on fairly well, because I went through a graduate program where I had to read Marx, and tons of post-Marxist revisionists, in an effort to get a handle on history.

Anglin writes:

Ideology is a leftist concept, invented by the Jew Karl Marx. This idea of “we can use a system” appeals to white people, but it just doesn’t work. Instead, you should have an ideal vision of the future, and use practical means to work toward that future. That’s all. Systemizing actions based on a theoretical invisible structure of ideas always necessarily leads to a discombobulated kind of mission creep, where you lose sight of what you’re even trying to accomplish.

A minor point, but Karl Marx was not Jewish. His father, Heinrich, converted to Christianity and became something of a true believer. Marx was raised as a Protestant in a (mostly) Catholic town. Sperber’s biography is a pretty good read with some interesting historical notes about his family history. Of course, Anglin would argue that Marx is Jewish simply because one or more of Marx’s grandparents might have been born Jewish, which is (as I understand things) pretty much the same situation that the Daily Stormer’s webmaster finds himself in. As a Mormon, I could sympathize with this idea if Marx had been raised in a Jewish household; but, he wasn’t. He was never circumcised. He never had a bar mitzvah. He had a Christian baptism as a kid, and as an adult he embraced a secular life and wandered away from religion entirely. Not only was Marx not a Jew, he had some pretty critical things to say about Hebrews. That’s not me being a coalburning Marx apologist, it’s just reality, based on some solid historical fact.

Karl Marx: Contributor to The Daily Stormer

While Anglin says he doesn’t understand what ideology means, he seems to be able to know it when he sees it.

I was thinking about this, an hour ago, and I decided that a great example of ideology is the story of the tooth fairy. I suppose, as a family man, Derek gives his kids a few bucks every time they lose teeth. At some point, Derek’s little girl will get wise to the fact that it’s her pa that is clumsily sneaking in and making the exchange. Maybe Derek’s kid will call her father out for lying to her, but I think she might do what I did, when I figured it out, and decide not to risk the loss of more free money, and just play along.

There are lots of little lies we tell, by convention or convenience, that don’t necessarily line up to reality. This is ideology. Derek pretends that there’s a magical sprite who exchanges money for teeth, and his kid pretends to be an idiot who believes this nonsense. Derek is a liar, and his kid is a liar, but they each play the part, and pretend that implies b, because they get something out of it.

Anglin has his own ideology, and it’s most evident in his claims that most of the rioting done at present is being done by black people.

Anglin asserts that violent riots are being done by black people, and that black people are inherently violent, simply because they’re black. I’m not a denier of racial differences, but even a casual reading of history will refute this. As a misogynist, I’ll posit that most of the violent rioting is done by the bastard children of single mothers. In the recent past, most bastard children of single mothers were black, because our society engineered that through Johnson’s great society program. (Years ago I wrote an article on that here.) Of course, in current year, there are tons of white divorce orphans and welfare bastards, hence the mugshot array above, which could almost pass for a meeting of the Daily Stormer book club.

Anglin is very worried about the abolition of the police. This is very hard for me to understand, given that Anglin has been hounded by the American legal system for years. His webmaster had to leave the United States because of frivolous actions that stole years of his life.

BLM, ANTIFA, black men and race mixers do not enforce idiotic family court rulings. When there were snipers protecting “tranny storytime for toddlers” at the local library, the snipers weren’t random black dudes or Jews. They were police. The feminist state and its enforcers are the cause of most of the major problems in our society.

I wish that ordinary, everyday fathers and husbands would start actively defying the feminist state and its pig soldiers, but they haven’t done so yet and probably never will. Instead, we’ve got BLM and ANTIFA cursing cops out and breaking the windows of their patrol cars. For the record, I don’t encourage anyone to do such stuff, but should I oppose it? Why? Why should Anglin want to?

I don’t know why Anglin feels this way. My guess is that Anglin has some affinity for the bronze and marble monuments or the confederate flag or something. He sees BLM and ANTIFA defacing these symbols, and he takes it personally. Anglin needs to explain to me why he imagines Washington, Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee would want to be part of this disgusting society.

America officially sanctions the murder of unborn infants, and puts weird trannies in close contact with little children at public libraries. If Andrew Jackson were alive today, he would be helping BLM and ANTIFA take down his statue, and he would likely join them in trying to do all manner of other things that would get my blog shut down if I described them in detail.

If you like the Confederate battle flag, you should rejoice in the notion that the Great Satan is purging it. Now your flag gets to be a revolutionary symbol, untainted by all the degeneracy that America celebrates.

That’s what Republicans should be doing: Western civilization. They should not be doing whatever this ideological thing is, which I honestly do not even fully understand. They will say “small government” is at the core of it, but that isn’t an end in itself. When deconstructed, the ideology appears to have the singular goal of delivering cheaper consumer products.

Marcuse and Chomsky both wrote about the illusion of choice and the manufacture of consent. Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the neoliberal party, and they differ only in name. Neoliberal ideology is all about meeting the basic needs of every consumer, to the extent that they are pacified. To this end, a man is told any lie that might work to further the pacification. One such lie is that black people are subhuman savages. That lie is told to working class white men, to keep them from talking or interacting with black men. (Atomization good. Atomization keep you safe! Buy more. Buy more now!) Another lie is that Jews are somehow behind all the problems we see in society. That keeps people from digging into class differences and material conditions.

Another lie is that the police are your friends.

The police are the people who are forcing Andrew Anglin to live and work around non-white people, and around white people who disagree with him. The police are also the people who are shutting Anglin down, silencing him, censoring him, harassing him with frivolous court actions, and otherwise meddling in his life. Amazingly, the cops are not only doing this to Andrew Anglin. Hard as it is to believe, the feminist state has made lots of enemies. There are a very great number of people who are sick of the feminist state and it’s jackbooted thugs, and some of these other people are currently out giving the pigs hell. I think Anglin should sit back, relax, and let them squabble.

The Great Purge Cometh

Nearly a year ago, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard sued Google for unfairly censoring her presidential campaign. Since then, Donald Trump has been “monitoring the situation,” and the GOP controlled congress has been giving news conferences lamenting the unfairness of big tech’s manipulation of the political landscape.

In the interim, Donald Trump (with lots of help from Nancy Pelosi) have given trillions of dollars away to transnational corporations, has protected his own real estate holdings at the expense of the rest of New York City, authored a completely toothless executive order, and little else.

The G.O.P. has had four years in the presidency, four years in the house, and eight years in the senate. Now, as an election approaches, it is too late to do anything about Google’s manufacture of consent.

ZeroHedge (link in my sidebar) is hardly a “right wing” outlet, but it is a source which is critical of the status quo, and that’s enough for them to be silenced. Google will come for the rest of us soon. Make sure and thank Donald Trump and the G.O.P. for this. It is entirely on them.

Thoughts on the CHAZ

The author of this article studied Marxist-Leninist philosophy in the 1980s at Lomonosov University, Moscow. Between the time of writing and publication, the Seattle Commune has become known as Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). Boxer added graphics and footnotes, with minor edits for punctuation.


War, as Lenin described it, is the inevitable continuation of class struggle (1). Having witnessed the establishment of what I can only describe as The Seattle Commune (2), I have some remarks that might be helpful, in light of experience, both for observers and for participants. 

The Seattle Commune

The Seattle Commune is presently a fluid area in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, roughly centered around the baseball diamond in Cal Anderson Park. At present, the liberated area includes all of pine street from 11th and 12th avenues, and surrounding blocks. The commune was declared after the Washington Army National Guard covered the evacuation of the East Precinct of the Seattle Police Department, from their headquarters at 1519 12th Avenue, on the evening of 08 June 2020.

Tactics and Strategy

Theorists note that a partisan struggle has three distinct phases (3). In the first, the guerrillas use their superior mobility to fight hit-and-run battles with an entrenched and well-provisioned enemy. Eventually, a state of equilibrium is established in which popular support strengthens the guerrilla band and weakens the material conditions through which the status-quo has erupted. In the final stage, the guerrillas may begin overrunning positions held by the state, conquering and administering territory, and mopping up with large-scale encounters (4).

Che Guevara illustrates the obvious present problem with the Seattle Commune: The guerrilla struggle is currently just beginning, and already the guerrillas have announced that they are conquering territory. Guerrilla forces jumped directly to stage three, without ever accomplishing stages one or two. The guerrillas are presently congratulating themselves on social media, even as they “declare victory” for their cause, as their few sympathizers cheer them on and taunt their enemies. This is an illustration of just how politically savvy they aren’t.


The present situation can be easily explained from the point of view of the established authorities. In hindsight, a materialist interpretation would include state actors allowing for the occupation of territory by guerrillas, knowing that the enemy is too weak and ill-informed to properly manage the administration of the same.

What is proper administration? When a guerrilla army conquers territory, it has a twofold responsibility. It first has to improve the material conditions of the inhabitants, and it simultaneously needs to defend the territory from invasion. 

Can the rioters improve the lives of the residents under their control? Will they be able to afford the people in the captured territory a better life than the City of Seattle, in the United States of America? The answer to this question is obvious.

Supposing that the Seattle Commune was not a transparent trap that a bunch of college kids foolishly fell for. How would things progress? The first thing that a competent guerrilla commander would do is issue an invitation of all the residents of the fallen area to meet and discuss their concerns with him. During the meeting, a local soviet would be established (5), giving the residents — the people who actually live there — democratic control over the material conditions of their area. Strict military discipline would be handled by guerrilla commander, and any misbehavior by armed forces under his command would be rapidly punished (communist guerrilla commanders usually shoot thieves and rapists who take advantage of their position in an occupied town.) Aside from acting as police, the responsibility for providing food, medical supplies, power, and education falls immediately to the guerrillas, who transition from a band of partisans into the established executive for the local soviet.

The only reasonable interpretation of present events is to accept that the withdrawal of local police from the east precinct headquarters was done tactically, in order to force the guerrillas into the role of administration. This will strengthen the Seattle city authorities in two ways. First, it illuminates just how incompetent the guerrillas actually are. Going forward, every mistake made in the Seattle Commune will be used by local politicians as a propaganda victory. Second, it punishes local residents (without whom the guerrillas could not have been operating for the last week) by forcing them to rely upon the incompetent rioters they’ve been feeding and sheltering. 


I don’t know what the future holds for the Seattle Commune, but I predict that nothing good will come of it. Likely scenarios include the guerrillas being chased out of the area by weary residents, or perhaps factional fighting between different groups of occupiers. Such projects usually devolve into violence or tedium.

If I were the mayor of Seattle, I would be broadcasting the possibility of shutting down power and water to the occupied territory, along with a declaration of amnesty, for anyone who voluntarily surrendered their weapons. The children who are playing at revolution ought to accept the fact that they’re fighting graduates from the U.S. Army’s war college, and save their efforts for another day.

Works Consulted

  1. Lenin. War and Revolution, 1917.
  2. Submedia. Map of CHAZ, 2020.
  3. Mao Tse-Tung. On Guerrilla Warfare, 1937.
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  5. Leon Trotsky. “On Party Development” in Political Tasks, 1904.

The System (an Illustration)

Like most Americans, I got an impression when I saw “Queen” and her Black Panther soldiers marching in Atlanta.

My first thought at the spectacle was something like hmmm… those people look like they’re straight out of central casting…

I quickly decided to not be cynical. Maybe they’re working-class black and white people who armed up to march (and there are several buff looking white dudes in her party). It’d be cool if people took a stand, not only against police brutality, but also in favor of no more stores being looted, and those rifles are just the thing to warn away trouble.

Come to find out, I was right in the first place. This is all bullshit.

…and in case you need convincing (or just don’t want to dredge through the wasteland that is Twitter) here is “Queen” embracing a pig cop.

I won’t pretend to know exactly what is going on, but I notice patterns. For example, the media is working non-stop (and overtime) to get blacks and whites to fight among themselves. In a very short period of time, we’ve all forgotten that we’ve been robbed of an insane amount of money.

Just four short weeks ago, I was appalled at the fact that the Pelosi-Trump gang had given corporate CEOs four trillion (or more) free dollaz at our expense. In the span of a month, the mood has gone from

kill the bankers


kill your neighbor … sponsored by Bank of America.

This is all just too much to be a coincidence.

The Changing Expectation of Privacy

A week ago, I predicted that people who went down to a protest would be rounded up and dragged off to jail. This is one of thousands of examples of the scenario I referred to.

I have no idea who this person is, or what she has done. Perhaps she deserves to be arrested; but, I doubt it. That’s not really the point. It’s important to embrace the fact that there is no such thing as anonymity, and all men should understand this completely.

You can be masked, in a large group, with a burner phone, and there is an excellent chance that anything you do will come back to you, sooner rather than later, despite all your best opsec and security precautions. The extensive network of cameras which one can see on every corner, in every American city, is keeping track of you.

As if that weren’t enough of a reason to stay away from these protest marches…


While I’ve lately been amused and disgusted at the behavior of the system and it’s enforcers, I’ve also been reading. One of the thinkers I’ve revisited is Thomas Hobbes, and his work Leviathan.

In case you’re joining late, we have all been learning some important lessons about American police officers. We have learned what they will and will not do for you. Specifically, the typical pig cop will:

  • arrest you (with maximum violence) the minute a wimminz tells him “I’m scared.”
  • jail you for being late on your child support or alimony payment.
  • kidnap your children on the order of a divorce court judge.
  • beat your ass for merely looking askance at him.

The typical pig cop will not:

  • show up if you have an actual problem, for example, if violent looters are stealing all your stuff.

Of course, the typical pig will disarm you, if you attempt to defend your stuff, so that the looters can rob you blind. We have seen that play out multiple times on this blog.

For those of y’all unfamiliar, Thomas Hobbes was a political philosopher who wrote about the social contract. None of us have signed an explicit contract with anyone, but the contract still exists.

What is the contract? It’s a quid-pro-quo bargain. Being part of civilized society includes a man giving up some of his natural rights. For example: I agree to keep my lawn mowed, to drive the speed limit, and to not to enrich uranium in my washing machine. In return, I supposedly get privileges, such as having a fire and police department which will come around if I’m being looted and burned out of my home by a mob.

Many of us are now coming to realize that the contract has been broken.

Police are Your Enemies

Fishtown is a waterfront district of Philadelphia, located directly across the Delaware River from Camden, New Jersey. When trouble comes to Fishtown, the residents have no place to run.

Yesterday, as looters descended upon their neighborhood, the unarmed residents of Fishtown called police. Police told them to evacuate and run away.

The people decided not to be cowardly. They rapidly formed an impromptu citizens patrol, and they all came out of their stores and homes to confront the violence.

What happened next was sadly typical. The Philadelphia Police Department sprang into action, arriving within seconds. The cowardly pigs pointed their guns at the unarmed men who were guarding their homes, families and lives.

The media, which was out in force to cover the “peaceful protest,” also played their part, whipping up sympathy for the rioters on Twitter, and cheering the arrest and dispersal of these citizens.

Once the police had disarmed the residents, Fishtown was mercilessly looted and terrorized under the direct supervision of the police department. Journalists across Pennsylvania cheered the mob as they robbed and pillaged.

Not content merely to destroy these men’s lives and livelihoods for one evening, the press is now working overtime to label them “dangerous white supremacists,” and blame them for everything, up to and including the death of George Floyd.

She’s working up a great story!

The pig apologists who will excuse all this as an “isolated incident” will need to explain how a precisely similar scenario occurred at exactly the same time, all the way across the continent.

When looters moved into Van Nuys, California yesterday, small business owners grabbed their shotguns and dialed 911. Callers were repeatedly disconnected by the 911 dispatcher when they asked for help. Once the dispatcher learned that the people were defending themselves, the police arrived within mere seconds.

They came to arrest the owners of the business for “gun violence crime.”

The police are the deadly enemies of hardworking Americans. All these people are illustrations of that brutal truth. Learn from their mistakes.

Road War 2020: D.C. Edition

Yesterday, Gunner Q wrote:

We’re all going to end up on various lists regardless. The “useful idiot” list might be a happier fate than the “armed & principled” list.

I try not to give advice (unless I’m asked directly) but “armed and principled” is foolish, when you’re taking up arms to defend institutions that hate you and want you dead. I suppose if someone really wants to get beaten up or shot during their pointless “bugaloo” nonsense, there’s nothing I am going to do to stop them; but, I expect intelligent men to at least consider the costs and benefits.

Who has been victimized so far? Mostly it has been CNN, Target, Gucci, Nike, and Wallgreens. These are big transnational corporations that have zero loyalty to America or its people. They exist to exploit you with high prices and starvation wages. So, a bunch of poor people want to loot and burn their stores. If I were tempted to intervene, it’d be to cheer them on.

The cops (both local and national) have no problems killing members of the “armed and principled” crowd whenever one of those dorks looks at them the wrong way. Now the cops are getting called mean names, and people are spraypainting cop cars. (Cry more, pigs.)

These are not things worth killing and dying for. The cops get paid to trade blows. Let them take a few. As for guarding the Rolex store… you’ve gotta be kidding me.

Then feeriker writes:

Odds are that before the year ends the people making those lists will be buzzard feed hanging from some lamp post or bridge overpass.

I’ll take that bet. I’ve heard a lot of people echoing these same sentiments. I’m here to tell you to quit dreaming.

Everyone (BLM, ANTIFA, Proud Boys) thinks that it’ll be Petrograd 1917 by the end of the week, all because they tagged and burned a few monuments that nobody really cares about. If we time travel, I expect us to land at 1989 Beijing.

If the feminist state appears weak right now, it’s because they are strong (the shot-callers know Sun Tzu and Che Guevara at least as well as I do.) The U.S. Government has no problem at all putting the police and the army into the streets to whoop some ass whenever they decide it’s expedient, and all signs point to this happening pretty quickly. Smart men should stay away from all these protests.

Worry about yourself, your neighbors, and your extended family. They deserve your attention. The rest of the world does not.