Skank-Ho Meltdown

Clare Makes Tyler C. and Yosef Discuss Their Quarantine Drama,

Another empowered feminist cries and screeches on network television…

The proper feminine equivalent of the English word ‘bachelor’ is ‘spinster’. The term strictly means a never-married, older female. It derives from a job description. In a healthier age, defective wimminz who could never attract or keep a good earner had to take manual labor jobs, like making (spinning) yarn from scrap lint.

Naturally, the marketers who designed the television show Bachelorette didn’t want to use such a loaded word. They didn’t use ‘bacheloress’ either, but rather gave us a diminutive suffix, in order to conjure the image of a cute little female, rather than a screeching, self-centered succubus, like Clare, pictured above.

So this week I was in California, chilling in my hotel room, and I get an attachment from some brother featuring the empowered feminist Clare, losing her shit as she is checked by a chad named Yusuf.

I got home yesterday, and decided it was humorous enough to share. I have uploaded it to the site’s bitchute account.

If it doesn’t embed, you can watch the vid here:


  1. (Skank-ho) Clare goes on spinster show to beg for husband.
  2. (Chad) Yusuf tells Clare that she’s a low-class skank-ho single mom for making other men strip down butt naked to ‘compete’ for her.
  3. Yusuf reminds bitch that she is a menopausal 40-year old single mother.
  4. Clare kooks out in a very humorous, extended seethe-fest.
  5. Various simps come to m’lady’s rescue, illustrating the pathetic nature of male thirst.