Asking Some Unauthorized Questions

Big corporations are sending David Duke for your free speech rights.

One of the reasons that I am not a good candidate for membership in any religious organization, is my tendency to ask unauthorized questions. For example: If God is all powerful, and God is perfectly good, then why doesn’t God kill the devil, and end the whole ‘evil’ problem once and for all? Is god not powerful enough to kill the devil? If so, then It seems that we ought to be praying to this devil character, and following his orders, since it’s him who is really in charge. If God is powerful enough to control things, but has put the devil in charge, of his own sovereign will, then God seems too evil to deserve worship, and we ought to be praying to no one at all…

Of course I ask other questions too. For example, I can name a great number of characters who, like ya boy Boxer, have been banned from Twitter. Off the top of my head, I’ve got:

  • Milo Yiannopolous
  • Gavin McInnes
  • Weev
  • Andrew Anglin
  • Laura Loomer
  • Sam Hyde
  • Chuck Johnson
  • Pax Dickinson

I should point out that while I’m a member of the set of all those miscreants with lifetime bans from twitter, I don’t really agree with any of these other people.

In order to justify the censorship of these people, all of them have been labeled as neo-Nazis. This despite the fact that Weev and Laura Loomer are descended from holocaust survivors. Milo is a flaming homosexual who brags about having gay sex with black dudes. I believe Gavin and Chuck are both married to Asian chicks. Never mind the truth, though. It’s more important to excuse the bad behavior of Jack Dorsey than to make any salient points. I was banned for making fun of wimminz and promoting #nohymennodiamond – but if I had a big fan club, I’m sure twitter execs would spread the meme that I was an admirer of Uncle Adolf too.

Even if one or more of these people were neo-Nazis, would that be justification to silence them? The answer, of course, is ‘no.’ Being a revisionist goon is not illegal, and one is free to express whackjob beliefs in public. The people on this list who claim to be neo-Nazis seem to do so ironically, probably in an attempt to goad an intolerant society into ever higher levels of self-justification. The closest thing to a “crime” that any of these people commit on the regular is Weev, sending unsolicited messages to unlocked printers. Given that this wouldn’t be possible if the network security people responsible practiced their trade with a minimal level of competence, it’s hard to care that he does this.

So, the above outlined scenario begs a serious unauthorized question that no one seems willing to answer, namely: Why are these people silenced on social media for being neo-Nazis, when they aren’t neo-Nazis, and while people who actually are neo-Nazis have free reign to sqawk and jabber with impunity?

This is a book that is occasionally promoted on the author’s Twitter feed. While Jack Dorsey had a huge problem with me telling young men not to marry banged-out sluts, Dorsey welcomes David Duke with open arms. Moreover, while Dorsey will manufacture fake claims that Laura Loomer is some sort of Jew hating neo-Nazi, Dorsey makes it clear that he actually has no problem with people who actually hold such views.

Given that David Duke, a man who boasts about being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, is welcome on Twitter, what is Jack Dorsey actually doing?

What Jack Dorsey is actually doing is censoring people who are effective.

When Laura Loomer talks about how some school shooting was a Hollywood production, she’s being a goon; however, she also occasionally works with James O’Keefe, going undercover to reveal the bad behavior of executives of big tech firms (like Twitter).

While Laura Loomer has never spread anything like antisemitism, she is objectively dangerous to the capitalist hegemony in our society, and for that, she must be silenced.

David Duke, who is a very committed antisemite, never actually threatens the structure of capital itself. I got curious about what he actually does do, a few weeks ago. Here’s what I found out about David Duke, with a bit of casual web searching.

David Duke claims to have a Ph.D. in history, and he (pretentiously as all Hell) insists upon the adoption of ‘Doctor’ as his first name. One unauthorized question this begs concerns the lack of any recorded thesis in ProQuest. Dr. David Duke Ph.D. has never been cited by any reputable historians on any topic. Where has he taught? Who chaired his committee? Has he ever published anything? If there are answers to these unauthorized questions, I haven’t been able to find them.

While Laura Loomer and Pax Dickinson have never been convicted of anything, David Duke has a long criminal history. What did he do?

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader and politician who spent the past three years overseas preaching “white survival,” pleaded guilty Wednesday to bilking his supporters and cheating on his taxes.


Duke, 52, could get up to 15 months in prison and $10,000 in fines under a plea bargain reached with federal prosecutors. He is free on bail until his sentencing March 19.

Given that he entered a guilty plea, it is reasonable to believe that Duke is a very dishonest man.

Duke was accused of telling supporters he was in dire financial straits, then misusing the money they sent him from 1993 to 1999. He was also accused of filing a false 1998 tax return claiming he made only $18,831 in 1998 when he really made more than $65,000.

Imagine my surprise. Duke was wandering around pretending to be living in poverty, begging for cutter from all his gullible supporters, while hiding his actual income and living large on the backs of better men.

What did he do with all the stolen money?

Duke used the money for personal investments and gambling trips to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Las Vegas and the Bahamas, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said. Letten would not disclose the amount but said it was “in the six-figure area.”

As an acclaimed historian, I believe that Dr. David Duke Ph.D. would agree that the title of his recent work, The Jew as World Parasite is humorous with a bit of historical context. Who is the grifting parasite, again? Who is it? Say it with me.

Now you boys have already heard me tell you not to give any of these people any of your money, so I’ll spare you any further repetition. That aside, compare David Duke to Laura Loomer, or Sam Hyde, neither of whom have never been sentenced to prison for fraud and tax evasion, and the difference becomes stark.

The fact that I have been banned from Twitter, and David Duke is welcome to babble there, begs a further unauthorized question. 

Who else has not been silenced?

Why have they not been silenced?

Milo Yiannopolous has been silenced, but Richard Spencer has not been silenced.

Heartiste has been silenced, but Dalrock has not been silenced.

Saturday Morning Hijinx

More fun and games, in the Dalrock insane asylum

I was bored this morning, so I wandered over to the one remaining high-traffic antifeminist blog left on wordpress’ free plan, and what did I see? The devout Christians in residence are preaching “man up and marry the hoez,” to the young brothers. Let’s see what truths these loons can teach us, shall we?

a man is obligated to the civilization he was raised in, which represent the sum efforts of all his forefathers into building up a society for their prosperity.

While SirHamster’s father probably did have some hand in promoting “drag queen story hour,” my father and grandfathers did no such thing. This society has zero resemblance to anything my people ever advocated. As such, I have no obligation to support it. More importantly, neither do any of the readers of this blog.

Religious Christians and Jews, along with other politically conservative faggots will try and put this plow around your neck. Don’t accept it.

It’s falls under honoring your father and mother (and their fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers, and …), by valuing the inheritance they gave you. Don’t despise your birthright.

According to Christians and other scum, this is your inheritance:

Supporting the society that made shit like this possible is a Christian obligation, but it isn’t our obligation. Young brothers should let the Christians follow their perversions (we can’t do otherwise) but warn them to leave you out of it.

A young man’s obligation is to himself. He can honor his father and mother by:

  1. getting as much useful education as he can,
  2. making as much money as he can,
  3. very carefully and judiciously choosing to marry, or not, and,
  4. being as careful and as thoughtful as possible about every decision, especially marriage.

Derek Ramsey has several excellent articles up on this blog for marriage-minded young family men. Strongly suggest anyone interested read them carefully.

It is the sum of our efforts that transforms the course of nations. No Great Man works alone, not even Jesus.

I recently saw a documentary about the murderous kook Ted Bundy. He also made endless comparisons to Jesus Christ, with about the same effect on his audience.

And that is why MGTOW attempts to demoralize individual young men into empty lives is an evil, just as feminist attempts to seduce young women into empty lives is an evil.

As for the rest of SirHamster’s bullshit, we should remember that he is best known for fabricating false rape accusations against men he is too stupid to make arguments against. This is the form of morality that is typical of Christians, and as such, it’s a simple matter to discern his underlying motivations in his latest screed. Everything he does is entirely predictable, and his internet persona is wholly self-interested.

While I don’t know who SirHamster is, it’s reasonable to assume he has a few tinderslut daughters that he’s deeply ashamed of. His impotent screeching about MGTOW bros are an entailment of his terror at the thought that he will be responsible for the continuous support of the useless hoez that his family line has brought up. His greatest hope is that he can pawn these useless whores off onto you, to support until princess decides it’s time for you to taste the pleasures of the divorce courts.

SirHamster would like you to marry his skank-ho daughter, after I and hundreds of similar men have already fucked the bitch in all her holes and tossed her back into her father’s lap when we were done. I strongly encourage you to follow our lead, and decline his generous offer.

Read the original comments here and here. Please note that Dalrock has previously objected to any commenter that also comments here, so I’d appreciate it if you were respectful and didn’t troll my poor victim’s pretend friends.

The Price of Liberation

Men have an instinctive drive to contribute to worthy causes. Historically, men have done so by rolling up their sleeves and getting into the heavy work of the cause. When they are unable, by chance or circumstance, to do this much, they sublimate their intentions into contributions. This is in contrast to the instinctive feminine drive to be a parasitic wimminz, which is another article entirely.

Occasionally, I get offers for donations. While I appreciate this, I never accept them, because I am not a wimminz, nor a male feminist.

This blog costs me less than eighty U.S. dollars a year to run. If I wanted to, right now, I could pre-pay a century of blogging, with the money that’s in my checking account, and not miss it. This blog would last longer than the United States government, and possibly longer than the internet, without any further monetary input from me.

Back in the old days, I was banned from AVFM for asking why Paul Elam was allowing a filthy, man-hating wimminz to buy her way off of register-her dot com. With respect to anon, I did this long before he or anyone else did it. The only person in my corner, way back then, was AfOR at wimminz.

About a year later, I was banned from the-spearhead for asking why Welmer was turning that blog into a passthru click farm with spammy links, and why he was constantly begging for donations from people like me. I sent him 100 dollars per month when I was a poor kid in a graduate program, based on his sob stories about divorce court, only to see him boast about taking his kids to Canucks hockey games (at five hundred bucks a seat) and hosting the little tykes in four star hotels…

To his credit, at this time, AfOR was right beside me. He got banned as well, and he got banned before I did.

Fools and their money.

I got my comeuppance only a couple of years later, when Welmer, that fearsome men’s rights activist, announced that he was getting married again, to a mail-order bride who declared she was a feminist.

Fools and their money, indeed!

Our brother, the man in the orbital castle, wrote a comment here which languished in my spam folder for a few days. I finally got wind of it, and fished it out. It’s worth the front page.

While I had yet to hear about the Rollo Tomassi drama, I don’t doubt it; and, I can attest that the rest of what he’s saying is all true. Every young brother needs to read this twice, and get the message.

There is wisdom in the manosphere, but that wisdom is often mixed with useless information. The price of that wisdom is the effort of using your masculine brain to separate wheat from chaff. Sending some useless grifter your money is not a prerequisite.

There is something you brothers can do, that will pay for your membership in our virtual community. That is to get out into your concrete community and start raising hell.  That’s more fun than sending me money, but it’s more difficult too. It requires you to think about how you can be most effective, and it requires you to get up off your ass and go out the door and spread the good news of the coming antifeminist renaissance. You won’t get any credit for this, and you may get cursed at if you’re observed by a fat Tumblr feminist, but such are the slings and arrows of our postmodern resistance.

Mexican Bulldykers Beat Little Boy to Death

I thought Latin America was full of all manner of sweet, feminine women, just waiting to be a good wife to any brother who is sick of the rat race? Go figure.

From The Daily Wire:

A seven-year-old boy in Mexico, identified as Karol Rámon, was reportedly beaten to death by his mother after refusing requests to dress like a girl. The mother’s girlfriend is suspected to have been involved in other beatings of the minor.

Love Wins! Yes!

No doubt the poor wimminz were just trying to “protest the patriarchy” by forcing this young brother to put on a dress, and dance for money in fag bars, as is the custom in the moral, upright, Christian conservative U.S.A..

It’s hardly their fault that the young man refused his healthy transition out of gender confusion, and into the “non-binary” paradise the rest of us enjoy.

According to Noticis Ya, Rámon was beaten to death last February at the hands of his mother in Guanajuato, a city in Mexico. The mother, identified as Margarita, brought her son to a community hospital following the beating, though he was dead on arrival.


Rámon’s body was full of bruises, old scars, cigarette burns, and the marks “made by some large object,” the outlet reported. The boy was determined to have been “beaten with a belt, a chair, a whip and even a hammer. In addition to the blows, they left him without food for days.”

While the monovoice on Roissy and Dalrock comment sections has insisted that Latinas are superior wife material. Here is an example of a couple of dykes who beat a little boy to death… No father in sight of course.

The suspected mistreatment launched an investigation into Rámon’s death, uncovering alleged stories of abuse at the hands of the mother and her girlfriend.


Before the assault that took the child’s life, Rámon was reportedly abused by the two women when he would refuse to wear girls’ clothing; he was brutally beaten “on the head and stomach, causing serious internal damage,” the outlet said.

Odd how no one in young Rámon’s life never cared enough to remove him from these two wimminz, isn’t it? Was it apathy, or was it institutionalized social pressure? Let’s see….

The child’s grandmother reportedly attempted to gain custody of the child because of the abuse, but she was unsuccessful.

“Cândido allegedly said the boy was a ‘burden’ and interfered with the women’s relationship; she also reportedly said she ‘felt hatred and no love’ for him because he resembled her father, whom she claimed had abused her. The boy’s father reportedly told police that Cândido absconded with the boy five years ago. He allegedly added Cândido went to live with Pessoa and her daughter, who is now nine and has been taken into care,” The Daily Wire noted.

Of course, repeated attempts by sane people to save this child’s life met with the power of the state and it’s black robed faggots.

“She killed her son, quartered, decapitated, plucked the skin and tried to get rid of the body. It was a very terrible case,” said Guilherme Melo, the head of the local police.

The United States and other western countries have spent many years spreading this sort of pathology into healthier societies, and the pressure our governments have brought to bear has now begun dissolving normal social bonds worldwide. We mourn for brothers like this, even as we look forward to the day when their deaths can be avenged.

Yet Another Male Feminist Pervert

If you don’t know who Peter Bright is, you can read up on him at One Angry Gamer. Thanks to the author there for breaking this bizarre story.

From Bright’s six-page indictment…

From on or about April 18, 2019 up to and including on or about May 22, 2019, in the Southern District ot’ New York and elsewhere, PETER BRIGHT, the defendant, willfully and knowingly, did use a facility and means of interstate and foreign commerce to persuade, induce, entice, and coerce an individual who had not attained the age of 18 years to engage in sexual activity for which a person can be charged with a criminal offense, and attempted to do the same, to wit, BRIGHT used computers and/or telephones to communicate with an undercover FBI agent about arranging to engage in sexual activity with a purported nine-year old boy and a seven-year old girl, and attempted to meet with the boy and the girl to engage in sexual activity, in violation of New York Penal Law Sections 130.25(2), 130.30(1), 130.35(3), 130.55, 130.60(2), and 130.65(3) and (4j. Case 1:19-mj-04952-UA Document 1 Filed 05/23/19

On or about April 17, 2019, UC-1 posing as a mother of a nine-year old boy (the “Boy”) and seven-year old girl (the “Girl,~ and together with the Boy, the “Minors”) posted a public message on an online social media fetish platform called KinkD seeking to chat with people who are, in sum and substance, interested in teaching her children lessons about the “birds and the bees.”

On or about April 18, 2019, a KinkD user by the handle “randomanon,” later identified as PETER BRIGHT, the defendant, responded to UC-l’s KinkD post.

On or about May 1, 2019, UC-1 replied to BRIGHT on KinkD, “My princess is 7 and my Prince Charming is 9.” BRIGHT suggested moving the conversation to text messaging.

You can read all the (disturbing and depressing) details of this male-feminist, and his degenerate attempts to abuse children, here.

The lesson in all this: Don’t associate with male feminists. Don’t do business with them. Don’t allow them into your homes or your social circles. Keep the little kids in your families far away from them.

The Decline of The West

So, my jobs are finally winding down, and I’ve had more free time of late, which has caused me to make the mistake of looking at the television and mass-media internet outlets. Rather shocking it is, too; to see the ongoing degradation of our society.

Of course, my friends on the right wing will tell me that the end of western civilization is all the fault of black men, jewish men, arab men, the men at the head of China’s Communist Party, men in academia (like ya boy Boxer) and other such social piñatas, upon which it is easy to place the blame for bad stuff.

And then there’s my friends on the left, who will tell me (with a straight face) that the decline in American strength is all due to straight white males (like ya boy Boxer), and their hierarchical social constructs like the “patriarchy”, “white supremacy,” Zionism (our Jewish bros seem to take it from both sides) and other such nonsensical buzzwords, which the speakers can never well-define, and about which they get all defensive when questioned.

Never mind the fact that my friends on both sides of these spectrums tend to live in gated communities, which function like medieval fortresses, and who spend 98% of their lives with “straight white males” in the “patriarchy” of the upper middle class neighborhoods, and will not bat an eyelash when telling me about how their sister or daughter just divorced her husband, and how she’s moving her two (white, straight, male) divorce-bastards into her parents’ home in the same all-white medieval fortress. There is not a hint of embarrassment or shame about such nonsense, and it is spoken as though it is accepted as just an ordinary part of everyday life.

One of the news programs I was watching last night discussed the most popular baby names in North America. I snatched out my smart phone (designed and built by heterosexual men) and compared this with the most popular names in my grandfather’s era.

My grandfather was named by his father, and he was named after his own grandfather. Names like Robert, John, James and Charles predominated back then.

Today, the most popular names are shit like Liam, Elijah and Noah.

Men name their children after honored ancestors. Wimminz name their kids after whatever degenerate pop-music or film star is currently being sold as “hip” by degenerate Hollywood.

Men instinctively “get” cultural continuity. Fathers are the people who carry civilization on their backs.

Wimminz don’t have a thought from one moment to the next, except where to get the next Frappuccino and what pair of shoes they ought to wear tomorrow.

When you look at clown world, and are tempted to bemoan the state of things, it’s important to give credit where due. Rather than blaming men who don’t look like you, place the fault where it belongs…