Blog Status

Though many might wish it otherwise, Boxer isn’t back. His content is (as well as the content of the other guest authors). Perhaps now that the site is back online, Boxer may notice one day and come back to make a post or two. You never know. I don’t have a surefire way to contact Boxer to let him know. Maybe someone else does?

As one of Boxer’s contributors (nearly an admin in his estimation), I still have view access to his entire (now private) site and so am able to copy the original data without relying on archives. Mirroring his site was in keeping with his wishes:

I’ve only made a few alterations here-and-there from the original—including removing some nudity per my prerogative—but overall not much has changed. I have not finished importing all of the old comments, which is much harder to do. I wish I had a database dump of the content!

Comments will still be allowed on this blog (possibly more leniently than before), and, in theory, the possibility of guest posts still exists. Besides myself, I know that Jason already has posting rights here. Whether anyone will ever post here again remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the site is up and you can revisit history.