Wimminz Will Rule Over You

The photo above ought to show a happy, stable family, composed of a father, mother, and little kids. A reasonable person might assume that the parents are immigrants, who came to America from a backward country, and through years of hard work and discipline, made good lives for their children. That same reasonable person might also see the wife’s headscarf, and assume that she was a modest, traditional woman, who loved God and lived every day to please Him, and follow his orders, specifically the ones where she is told to be a faithful wife and good mother to her children.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is that same skank-ho wimminz from the first photo. One will note that the white dude she’s snuggled up to is not the father of her children.

No matter what her original intentions, this wimminz one day decided that it would be a great idea to make her children bastards, and so she behaved like millions of other American skank-ho wimminz, without a second thought. She found a dude to come on to, and he lacked the brains or the discipline to say no. They have been fucking (exclusive of the bounds of wedlock, naturally) ever since.

The wimminz in question is named Ilhan Omar. The swinging dick she got hold of is named Tim Mynett. Ilhan Omar is an American member of congress, from Minnesota’s fifth district. As such, she gets to regularly shove new feminist laws down our throats. Mynett was just some scumbag who worked on her campaign.

Mynett was also married to a faithful, loving wife, who has since dumped his dumb ass. Ilhan’s husband also did the sensible thing, and ditched this skank-ho after he got proof that she was cheating. Mizz Omar is now paying her ex-husband, through a court enforced agreement, not to talk about the details of their split. By all accounts, the spouses of these two trash-people have done everything correctly. Despite the fact that they are better off without such cretins around, we should still feel a great deal of sympathy for them and their children.

While Mizz Omar is paying her husband to keep quiet about her dismal behavior, the skank hasn’t paid me anything, so I’ll spill what dirt I’ve found out here. Pretty shocking it is, too.

The Daily Fail and the New York post just broke separate stories (no link for them, because they’re scum.) They don’t list their sources, but it’s suggested that part of the material originates in the transcript of Mrs. Mynett’s divorce trial.

Ilhan’s ex-husband suspected Mizz Omar of cheating, but when he confronted her, she gaslighted him by laughing in his face, telling him that he was “paranoid,” and telling their mutual friends he had psychological problems. (This reminds me of personal anecdotes, told on the old Dalrock blog, by men in the same situation.) When [ex-husband] asked to accompany her on work-related trips, she shamed him and told him he needed to stay in Minnesota with the children.

Apparently, Ilhan’s ex-husband showed up, out of the blue, last spring, at Mizz Omar’s Washington D.C. residence. There she caught her and her new dick lounging around, in various states of undress.

Ilhan’s ex-husband was apparently mocked and laughed at by these two shameless scroungers, and during the subsequent conversation, he realized that they had been fucking for a long period of time.

There are a number of lessons here.

  1. The most obvious is to our Muslim bros (and I know a couple of you guys read here.) I’m fairly familiar with Muslim Americans. The Muslim dudes I talk to either seem stupid or in denial about what their women are, all too often, doing right under their noses. You guys should not be overconfident. There are tons of Ilhan Omar types out there, and your communities will be destroyed in the next generation if you don’t check these hoez.
  2. If I had to speculate, I’d guess Ilhan’s ex-husband got an audio or video recording, and the big payoff was for not making such embarrassing stuff public. If you suspect your wife cuckolding you, get that evidence any way you can.

Of course, the most obvious lesson is repeated ad nauseum on this blog. Ilhan is not the first nor the only skank-ho wimminz who occupies a position of power in our society. There are countless thousands of wimminz just like her. Skank-ho wimminz are judges and commissioners and bureaucrats in every city and town in North America. This is our misfortune.

Now that feminists are feeding on the decaying corpse of our society, they are (virus-like) looking for new ones to infect. Ilhan Omar not only gets to pass feminist laws here in the U.S., she has been very busy working to export her poison to African countries. Apparently AIDS, grinding poverty and cultural colonialism aren’t enough for such societies to deal with. They need skyrocketing divorce rates and drag queen story hour, too.

Ilhan Omar’s scroungy behavior was earlier discussed on this blog here and here. I’m sure she’ll continue to amuse and entertain, and we’ll be discussing her again in the future.

Bernie’s Big Blunders

As a leftish political type, I find a lot of things to like about Bernie Sanders. The United States ought to have a public healthcare option, and he’ll push one through. American kids ought not to go get themselves killed for the benefit of wealthy sheikhs and princes in foreign oil-rich countries, and he’ll put a stop to this. Bernie has a history of being pro first amendment, pro second amendment, and pro fourth amendment, and I like all those things.

Unfortunately, Bernie’s campaign is making a lot of very serious mistakes. I’d like to talk about some of them here, partly because I am probably the only democrat many of my readers ever get exposed to, and partly out of frustration that nobody else is putting these particular pieces together and talking about them. There is still time for some of these mistakes to be fixed, but time is short, and I have no faith that anyone in his campaign is thoughtful enough to self-criticize their behavior so far into a turnaround victory. Time will tell.

Failure to Appeal to The Masses

Bernie did not have a bad time in the 2020 Iowa caucuses, but he had a tie with an establishment pseudorepublican named Pete Buttigieg. If you don’t know who Buttigieg is, just imagine Hillary Clinton, changed from a bitter old bulldyke into a younger gay man. Buttigieg has famously come out against a health-care plan, is pro-war, and will do nothing to keep large corporations from continuing to censor the internet. Bernie could have (and should have) won, and his failure to appeal to the broad masses of Iowans is a major reason why he didn’t.

In 2016, the dems in Iowa had a turnout of 171,000 caucus goers. In 2020, the dems in Iowa had a turnout of 176,000. That’s not much of an improvement. Bear in mind that in 2008, when Barack Obama was stomping the shit out of Hillary Clinton, the turnout in Iowa was 240,000 people.

What got people out for Barack Obama was his crossover appeal. Obama appeared before republican and independent groups, and asked for the chance to be their man in Washington D.C..

It should be noted that once elected, Obama kept his promises about gun control (Trump has already banned more firearms than Obama has, and he also engineered the “red flag” rules). He even allowed conservative scumbags like (Mormon) Mitt Romney to scuttle his attempt at expanding public healthcare.

Has Bernie appealed to anyone outside his base? Well, outside of a couple of appearances on Fox News, which a lot of non-democrats enjoy watching, he hasn’t done much. In fact, Bernie staffers have proven themselves to be insufferable faggots, who jerk themselves off in the press about putting their political opponents in gulags. Candidate Sanders has yet to make any denunciations of these morons, so he comes across as either approving of their lunacy, or too weak to police his own ranks. I don’t fault any independent types for failing to cross over for him. As a democrat, that makes me want to stay home, too.

Failure to Exterminate Pocahontas

Bernie has another problem in Elizabeth Warren, a phony populist with a long track-record of lies and corruption. For the republicans in my audience who don’t know her, she’s basically the democrat version of Ted Cruz, 2016. She’s a complete hack who somehow maintains an “outsider” appearance, despite being in the pocket of every corporate interest that has so far managed to grab a piece of the democratic party. Bernie should have taken the dumb bitch to wounded knee at least a dozen times, but he has instead coddled her. She returned the favor in Iowa by siphoning off a large chunk of his support.

Compare Bernie’s camp (the populist democrats) with the intraparty competition (the corporate democrats) and one does not see the same problems. Buttigeig (the democrat version of Marco “foam party” Rubio, 2016) is the corporate democrat frontrunner, but he came in so far ahead of his own peers, Biden and Klobuchar, that they weren’t able to siphon off delegates from him. Joe Biden sounds like he’s having a stroke, every time he opens his stupid mouth, so this explains his poor performance.

As of the time I’m writing this, the New Hampshire primary has yet to be counted, and already I see Bernie staffers beginning to talk about Tulsi Gabbard “stealing” the primary from their man. As a Tulsi fan, I can tell you that most of her voters wouldn’t have even shown up to the primary if she hadn’t appeared. Tulsi plays the Obama game, appealing to independents and republicans for support. In contrast, I don’t see any of Bernie’s people going after the fake featherhead who actually is spoiling his chances.

She Made It All Up…

Earlier this week, I found (and listened to) an audio file on YouTube, purporting to be a recorded conversation between world famous actor and ALPHA MALE GAME superstar Johnny Depp, and his total nobody of a skank-ho wife, Amber Heard.

Depp made the mistake of marrying this wimminz in April of 2015. Almost immediately, she started making his life Hell. Heard filed for divorce in May of 2016, after accusing her husband of being a serial wife-beater, a rapist, and a sexist misogynist pig who reads v5k2c2. She subsequently gained the only bit of fame she has ever managed to garner, by plastering herself all over social media and public service announcements as the poor victim of this maniac’s brutality.

In the audio file I heard, Depp can clearly be heard telling his bitch wife that they need to quit squabbling, and warning her that if she begins throwing shit and acting like a toddler, he is going to leave the house. Bitch wife laughs at Depp, alternating between telling him that she will continue to beat his ass whenever she wants, and warning him not to leave her alone. She also admits that she was the aggressor in their fights.

I didn’t have a lot of time when I heard the audio (this was on Monday, if I recall correctly) and by the time I was ready to post it here, YouTube (being YouTube) had removed it for being offensive to feminists.

Fast forward to today, when I noticed that there’s yet another bit of entertainment up on the web (thanks to Jim Goad on Twitter.)

Skank-ho Amber can be heard in this audio file laughing, admitting that she starts the fights she complains about, and pointing out (correctly) that the authorities operate under the “duluth protocols,” and as such, Johnny will never be taken seriously if he tells the truth about her abuse.

I’m busy this week, but let’s quickly go over some lessons that our man Johnny has taught us.

  1. If there is even a hint of future conflict with a rebellious skank, always record your interactions with the bitch. I don’t know what Depp is using, but an iPod Touch acts as a very good recording device that’s totally unobtrusive.
  2. Never simply “give in” or “plead guilty” to a bitch’s made-up allegations. Some men describe even their own lawyers encouraging them to do “be the bigger man” and “take one for the team.” This is stupid. Take the fight to her, and make her regret ever fucking with you.
  3. A wimminz will gleefully dismantle her own house with her own two hands. (I stole this line from the bible, but don’t know where it is.) Amber Heard has never acted in any film that wasn’t a F-list piece of shit, and she isn’t particularly attractive, either. She managed to get Johnny Depp to marry her, and rather than riding this lottery ticket into retirement, she’s ruining herself and everyone around her for attention.
  4. If Johnny Depp can’t keep a third-rate skank actress and total loser happy, then what chance do I have at marriage? The answer, of course, is none. Thus, I’m happy to play the eternal bachelor and let better men than I shuffle through the divorce courts.

That’s it for this episode of Hollywood Clownworld. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Tune in to find out…

Tranny-da Strikes Again

This article at Quillette is worth a gander, if only to remind you Americans how lucky you are not to live in Canada. (It affirms my decision to abscond permanently.)

In case you didn’t know it, Canadian parents are required to sit through hours of brainwashing before they can coach their kids’ hockey teams.

…the coaching of children in hockey (as in most other sports) is now regulated by government and oversight bodies. And even assistant coaches who volunteer on a part-time basis often must submit to background checks. Doe himself has completed a number of mandated courses, and says he fully supports anti-discrimination efforts led by Hockey Eastern Ontario; and the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), which oversees the majority of minor hockey in Ontario, from players as young as six years old on up. But he balked when he saw the 33-slide module on gender that was included in his required gender diversity course. “I would be fine taking an awareness course if it [were] factual and based in science,” he told Quillette. “But I felt it was too ideological.”

I have to side with my man on this one. It can be (and has been) argued that there have always been homosexuals, and that part of the maintenance of civilized society is being polite to these others. It’s another thing entirely to see society effectively reorganized, to suit the ever-shifting whims and desires of a tiny group of perverts, who are interested in confusing our society’s children.

Just for fun, I ran out and found some interesting material of my own, which would make a suitable slideshow for this weekend’s entry on my blog. Let’s take a look at the (totally healthy and normal) antics of this new oppressed class of victims, for whom we should all go through hours of re-education.

Before we begin, I’ll ask all my readers to pause and appreciate the following important caveat…

It’s hard to believe that even in 2020, there are still men who won’t blow other men or fuck their asses, simply because such other men claim to be chicks. This is a terrible problem, and we should work to stamp out such bigotry.

It has to change, and the first step is with you. Wouldn’t you like a date with this charming young girl?

In case zhe isn’t your type, there’s always this one…

I bet all you playaz would line up for a chance to get with zhir…

Damn! That is one fine trans-wimminz, ain’t it boys? Here’s some more eye candy for all the men on this blog…

Won’t any of the fine, upstanding, gay-friendly Canadians who reads here help a disabled trans anarchist with the legal fees related to her most recent burglary charge?

This transgrrrl seems like a real peach, doesn’t she? Just don’t let him wander around your pad unattended after you get done sucking his fem-dong.

And now, for the most heartening story of all. I could title it: It Shits Out Its Cunt.

Remember, gentlemen. They’re just like you and me!