Guest Articles

[Editor: This page is archived here for historical reasons.]

Articles submitted for publication here should be sent, by email, to [Editor: This was originally to Boxer at: box210 at protonmail dot com].

Indicating the nature of the correspondence in the headers will help you escape being swept into the trash, along with the hundreds of daily emails that come soliciting celebrity sex-tapes and cheap off-market Viagra. I recommend titling it something sensible, like:

Submission To V5K2C2 By [your fake name and preferred gender pronouns]

Ya Boy Boxer reserves the absolute right to edit the articles as he sees fit, and may refuse articles at will. When submitting, please indicate what pseudonym you’d like to appear in your byline. Failure to do this will result in me simply making a “best guess” and crediting the article to some disgusting epithet, which I find funny at the moment.

Note that guest articles are absolutely welcome from sensible contributors, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion; however, this is a male privilege zone, and you must become a man to have a voice here. Surgical gender reassignment is unnecessary (and ill advised), but picking a sensible sounding masculine pseudonym and username, for the email you submit from, is a prerequisite.