Why I Am Not Your Leader

I suck at leadership, and I usually suck at following leaders, too. There have been precious few men, my father included, who have inspired me to obey their orders, however ridiculous.

I’m also a terrible friend; and, I’m not friends with anyone I know on the internet. There are a few online minds I admire, and I will promote their work. Wimminz is one of the best blogs I know of. Jack Donovan is another. The authors of both those sites have little in common, but both are solid guys who tell the unpalatable truth.

Dalrock is another blog that’s in my top 5. Unlike the first two authors, I’ve never had private conversations with the guy behind the Dalrock blog. It’s not likely to be revealed that he is a convicted burglar and drug addict, who blogs while he’s waiting on the welfare check; but, if something like that came out, I really wouldn’t care. In every case, it’s about the message, rather than personal friendship. The author would continue to have my support, so long as he kept putting out quality content and taking the fight to my enemies.

The contrapositive is true as well. Should any of these people sell out, and begin promoting feminism, then – heh – my lack of personal friendship will become immediately apparent.

Above I said that I doubted the author of Dalrock was a scroungy layabout, LARPing as an honorable family man. I doubt this because it would take too much energy for the average scroungy layabout to accomplish, and there would be no real payoff to it. However, I don’t doubt for a second that he has been (and will continue to be) enticed by our enemies to sell out and water down (or reverse) his message. The fact that the enemy is now banning nobodies on twitter is not due to their desire to be thorough in victory. It is a result of fear. They fear us because we are winning. In their desperation, they’re frantically trying to silence our message, because they have no riposte. They know this, and we should know it too.

We are winning, and will continue to win, because we have no strong leader for our enemies to attack directly. We’re individuals and small groups, who are speaking the truth to the comfortable, and they have no response. Leaders are easy targets, and we’re not ready for one quite yet.

I have a strong belief, rooted in Hegel and Marx, of human beings and their ability to self-organize. A leader will arise when the historical imperative dictates, and not before. The one thing I’m sure of is that the leader won’t be me. My goal is to be a sort of John the Baptist figure, calling out hypocrisy when I see it, and laughing at the liars on the sidelines. In the interim, I have something of a unique perspective, born of a lot of wild time-wasting in my youth, and I think that I can add some useful knowledge over in the comments sections, to men who lived a better life than I did. Most of these guys, who sit in the comments sections, think that their lives will be over after their divorces. Most of them are angry at women for being deceptive. In other words, they’re angry at women for being women, which is silly. I try and tell them to stop wasting their time. Sometimes it works. Often it makes them mad at me. I care not.

People who are foolish enough to think I am leadership material should reassess their situation. Like anyone else, I’m subject to turn if the payoff looks good. Be loyal to the principles we struggle toward, and walk beside me on the road to victory. Never be afraid to criticize me. We’ll get to the promised land together.

On Leadership

This is a left-field answer to the problem you’re highlighting, but I think it’s a higher-order issue because your examples are so particular, but generalizable on a scale that makes it a drop in the ocean even if you turned one of the examples to sense.

So to higher-order:

I wonder if it’s a case where one tribe in our culture more or less needs a king.

Take tribes like Catholics and Mormons. Both tribes have a strong culture, history, written-lit/canon backing the culture, as well as a moderately domineering hierarchy – these serve to overcome the lack of a common ethnicity while also raising Catholics and Mormons to a higher state of cultural cultivation than would be possible by ethnicity alone.

Or – take “ethnic” or “racial” tribes – they have ethnicity and race as a skin-deep / clan-deep unifier. The unifier is extremely potent, but also inherently self-limiting.

So – let’s look at the characteristics of the problem tribe.

– it lacks adequate culture, history, written-lit/canon that either would bond it or cultivate it

– or: actually – it may have such a written-lit, everything from Huck Finn to Blackstone and Smith – but somewhere along the way it got this anti-intellectual poison pill so that it won’t read it’s own lit – in fact, the act of reading it’s own lit typically results in one’s self-deportation from the tribe

– it lacks a hierarchy – really any hierarchy at all

– but it always seems to be looking for one – it is the most readily susceptible demographic to “strong man” quasi-fascist and fascist politics – this is manifest, in other words: everyone, in the tribe and outside it, for it and against it, now and ever in the past, everyone – recognizes this quality about this tribe

– that last quality is probably caused by vacuum of culture, history, written-lit/canon and hierarchy, as well as common national origin

– it chest-thumps a lot – but here’s something to it’s credit : it ** can ** be angered, but it is ** slow ** to anger – so we have seen cases of it rising up in anger, and sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, but thankfully it’s rare when it does so – … in this respect it’s something like European honey bees as opposed to Africanized honey bees – where the quality of the latter being so easily roused is actually anti-adaptive among high-tech niche-sharers like humans because it makes the latter more likely to be exterminated

– anyway – the chest thumping, together with the irrationality of the chest thumping – has a lot to do with all the previous attributes – there’s a human, hind-brain danger indicator going off the in tribe member, but he is unable to correctly identify it, lacking either a hierarchy or culture, history, etc., which would better inform him

In the past I’ve thought that the long-term solution for this tribe is education, a moderate degree of separation (i.e.: differ by time, age, place and range-of-effect), and through both: enculturation.

Short run though: long-run solutions may not come fast enough, and in the short-run a “good king” would help.

I’m doubting big T is the good king we need though.

I guess a thing to add:

For awhile strong labor unions were adequate for this tribe. They provided a sound means getting its legitimate political needs represented and gave the tribe the strength-through-unity that is necessary in lieu of history/culture/literature, hierarchy and common ethnicity.

But we killed the unions.

More accurately: we gave the unions a knife and begged and pleaded and threatened for them to self-emaciate, and they did.

Arguably: this was possible due to aforementioned anti-intellectual poison pill and the strange belief that everyone is going to agree that what’s good for you but not for me is going to go on forever, … where better education might have prevented that.

That, or unions were just corrupt. Could be both.

But bottom line is this tribe needs to unify, and if it wants to unify and thrive, instead of unify and be promptly destroyed, it needs to unify on the basis of something with humanistic value. Right now it seems prone to unifying on race and, see “promptly destroyed”.

The tribe can’t recognize things right. Like: it should recognize you Boxer. What should be happening over there is you should be getting followers. But it won’t do that. The tribe won’t recognize its friends, won’t recognize it’s leaders, won’t recognize it’s betters. It would rather argue, and argue about stupid bullshit.

Or: you can volunteer a leader. Volunteer Dalrock. Tell him that if he leads, you’ll follow, as long as he makes culture and humanity center, and eschews race, but that you’ll follow.

Anyone who self-identifies as a leader puts on a target. We have to give up our own desire to lead as a token to the privilege of having a leader.

I could be way off, it’s a blog comment, that’s all, but that’s what I’m sensing. We need a leader, and that will happen when people choose someone to follow. If you volunteered to follow Dalrock, he shouldn’t agree to lead. There should be 20, maybe a hundred more volunteers. Qua Plato, we need a reluctant king.

Black Propaganda and Feminism

Many of my favorite blogs, over the years, have both hard-hitting articles and a lively comment section. iSteve is the prime example, though Dalrock and Heartiste both qualify too.

A day or two ago, over on one of these other places, I cited Jack Donovan’s book The Way of Men as a decent primer on masculinity. The first comments were more or less legitimate, if deliberately uninformed.

The author of the book is an openly gay dude, and many Christians refuse to read the work of someone in that camp. No problem. Even so, It wasn’t long until the resident headcases appeared to try and derail any discussion about the book.

While I have seen Jack Donovan and his work excoriated on feminist sites like Jezebel, at least the feminists tend to critique it’s content. Frank K appears to be making a false rape accusation against the author, which is something that I don’t even see from the likes of Jessica Valenti.

Not to be outdone, SirHamster agrees and amplifies:

There are a couple of interesting possibilities here. The most obvious is that these people have some sort of repressed fantasy life which includes inappropriate thoughts about young boys. Because SirHamster is mentally ill, he projects these disgusting fantasies outward, upon random strangers he disagrees with on the internet, and upon authors of books he doesn’t like.

When confronted about these weird fantasies, SirHamster doubles down, naturally, and starts desperately spreading the meme that y’r boy Boxer is a homosexual pedophile. With no evidence, of course, but whatever…

It might also be the case that the feminist movement is sending malcontents to manosphere blogs in an effort to make antifeminist men look like unhinged nutcases. This is actually a well-known phenomenon, which was described in Tayacan’s Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare, Taber’s War of The Flea, and Che Guevara’s classic Guerrilla Warfare. The tactic is usually known as “black propaganda.”

Is that what motivates people like SirHamster? Hard to say. If I had to guess, I’d go with psychological problems and social isolation as a likely cause. Even so: While patriarchalists shouldn’t give way to conspiracy theories, they should be aware that their enemies are committed, determined and unscrupulous. Feminists have gained the upper hand almost completely through propaganda, rather than direct action. Deception is easier than fighting, and historically it has been their M.O..

Update: In a funny turn of events, SirHamster (with the help of his fake Christian friend Cane Caldo) is now denying that he ever wrote this nonsense. I cover this humorous reversal here.

Twitter Tricknology

I’ve got more bans than most, and my policy has always been to respect the wishes of the administrators of private fora. This courtesy does not apply to twitter dot com, which has enjoyed a particularly lackluster IPO, and which bills itself as a public utility. I enjoy twitter, despite its flaws, because I can talk back to sheltered celebrities and whiny feminists. Publicly traded corporations get different treatment from me than John Smith’s male feminism wordpress blog.

Having a sock suspended is a minor annoyance, and when it happened this week I wasn’t surprised. I attempted to start a new account immediately to bring the laughs to the masses. To my surprise, the new account was suspended just as quickly as my first login, before I had time to make a single post.

Networks which shelter the whiners to this extent don’t usually survive long-term. Talking consumers is the real social network, and those same people tend to route their traffic around obstacles like this. Even so, it’s interesting that they care enough about Brother Boxer to have his ip range and personal details in their blacklist.

The Degenerate Bishop of San Diego

The Bishop of San Diego is calling on all Catholics to rise up and revolt against Donald Trump, the democratically elected leader of the United States.

In a 20-minute address to the U.S. regional meeting of the World Meeting of Popular Movements, Bishop Robert McElroy said that “President Trump was the candidate of disruption. He was the disrupter.”


“Well, now we must all become disrupters,” he said.

McElroy is, incidentally, the man who runs interference for the degenerate pro-abortion and pro-divorce “Catholic Answers Forum.”

Much more here.

The Importance of Twitter

Virtual pundits are a dime-a-dozen, and their careers rise and fall on Twitter. With this in mind, there’s no reason that sensible men shouldn’t be creating anonymous accounts to talk back to feminists and other headcases.


Protip: follow @herbiemarcuse when you get there, and, multiply your effectiveness by posting a well-written article from DalrockHeartiste, etc..

Best case scenario: your mark is fool enough to actually feed into your countersignal.

We don’t need or want the vast majority of these feminist ninnies, but there are a number of people in all these crowds who could use our message.