The Way of the MILF

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[Editor: Jack, usually writing at Σ Frame, has been good enough to add to our discussion of dating single mothers with a series of contributions. This is his first in an expected series. Jack speaks to older, newly divorced brothers who often find themselves easy prey for these sneaky skanks. Let’s hear him speak to these dirty hoez.]

The standard, but important, caveat: If you have dated, are dating, or have married a single mom, and she’s a cool female, this is not a personal condemnation of your lady. While exceptions certainly exist, we are talking in broad generalities here, and generally, skank-ho single moms are a terrible choice for personal association.


Boxer’s place hosted a series of previous posts that kicked around the topic of dating single or divorced mothers living with children. These posts included the following.

Boxer asked me to detail a few experiences I’ve had with dating divorced divas, so this post will kick off a series of guest posts from me. The present post covers the context of dating divorced Christian women with children. A few case studies describing the Nutz and Bolts (double meaning intended) will be coming up in a few future posts. 

The Background Story

I dated a few divorced MILF’s during the time in between my marriages. I was 40-44 years old at the time. All these women were nominally “Christian”, because I only dated those who claimed to be Christians.

I wasn’t fully Red Pilled at that time, but my experiences from that period of my life brought me around to the Red Pill in a hurry.

In my search for a new wife, I didn’t have the mind to avoid women with children. I love children and I have two of my own from my first marriage. At the time, I was thinking that if I had met the right person, and she had kids, then I expected to take the woman and her children as a package deal. I expected her to love my own children, just as I intended to do for hers. So in short, I wouldn’t have minded having a woman with kids from a previous marriage, provided there were enough positives to make it worthwhile. [Note to Reader: a single, never-married woman with kids is a red flag, especially if they have different fathers of different races.]

But although these women had children, they never even introduced me to their kids.

At the time, I thought this was rather inconsiderate of them. But then Boxer asked me,

“How did you manage to pull this off? A couple of years ago, I slipped and started banging a wimminz with a little boy. I remember I told her, just in passing, “I don’t ever want to meet little Johnny.” She basically never let me live that down. After that, I just took it as axiomatic that any skank-ho single mom would have getting me entangled with her kids as a sort of instinctual directive.”

Boxer’s question made me realize that a lot of guys would actually see a woman stowing her kids away as a great thing.

Well, I’m not sure I know the true answer, and it might be different for each woman. But I can make a pretty good guess. Let me explain.

Why would a MILF hide her progeny?

Being divorced with children severely damages a woman’s MMV, but I think it actually helps a man’s. A man having children may be seen as a type of preselection, something which women regularly employ when vetting men. Their preselection thinking is like, “Other women want to have this man’s baby, so he must be good.” But for women, having children reduces their Strong Independence, and they know they have to ask much more from a potential suitor. For some women, being a divorced mother may be a source of shame, especially for Christian women who attend a church that continues the medieval (but effective) practice of Slore-Shaming.

But even so, I think these women were not looking at me as a potential future husband or surrogate father to their children. Some of them were freshly divorced in the past month or two, so they were not ready to settle down into another marriage-track relationship.

Part of the reason for this is because newly divorced women just came out of a love-starved and probably sex-starved marriage, and are desperately horny. When I say desperately, I mean, think of a man who hasn’t eaten in a few weeks because of exigent circumstances, such as war or famine. He’s enervated from starvation. His knees are shaking and he can’t walk straight, He can’t form cohesive sentences and he saying bizarre S#!t. He’s hallucinating. He’s willing to eat wild vegetation, ravaging on leaves and bark, gnashing his teeth on gritty roots pulled straight out of the ground. If he should come across some real food, he becomes a feral animal, stuffing his face while growling wildly, drooling, gulping, choking, and panting hard with excitement.

A fresh divorce will do that to a woman (and most men too), especially if she’s in her peak libido phase (early to mid-30’s). I’m sure this is why Jesus said, “Anyone who divorces his wife causes her to commit adultery” (Matthew 5:32).  I am also certain this is the intended connotation of the term “cougar”, which is a label commonly used for “liberated” MILF’s. [Note to Reader: A man who’s thinking of hooking up with such a woman should be cognizant of the fact that he is the guy who’s going to either introduce or perpetuate her status as an adulteress – a bang-up job with responsibilities and liabilities that should not be taken lightly.]

The point is, when a person is in this state, nothing else matters more than obtaining the desired deficiency. So a person will stop at nothing, and allow nothing to stop them from securing the carnal necessities. Only after satisfying the need is accomplished, then the next priority is to Manage the Damage.


So to answer Boxer’s question, there are a combination of things which might motivate a woman to keep her own children at a distance while she’s banging a man.

  • Some women may conscientiously believe children should not be exposed to their adult lifestyle for the child’s sake.
  • They may fear that their children would talk about “mommy’s new boyfriend” to all the folks at church, which would render their social lives very complicated indeed.
  • They may be ashamed of their children, and/or think of motherhood as a strike against their SMV/MMV.
  • Their religious convictions can intensify their desperation and shame by an order of magnitude.
  • They’re emotionally desperate and horny as ℏǝll. When a woman is in this mood, basic responsibilities, including children, are deprioritized.
  • In the moment of transaction, they are inclined to see their own children as a potential c0ckbl0ck that would dampen the mood of the moment, and frustrate the impending satiation of their most urgent desires.

Next in this series: The Wayward Worship Woman.