Some Random Thoughts on Protest Culture

Jason from Aging Mod sent me this youtube video, which I found surprisingly thoughtful.

Jason has a post of his own on this topic, which is equally worthy.

One of the most disheartening aspects of the lockdown protest are the reactions that typically erupt on my side of the American political fence.

When I see the “white” protestors that Bernie voters describe as “imbeciles,” I see a bunch of working people worried about things like mortgage and healthcare costs. The imbeciles on the American left could go down to this protest and start talking to these men about things that matter, but they’re too comfortable being smug and self-important, so we will continue to lose, and the billionaire class will continue to reap a record bailout harvest, that we will have to pay for.

It’s also worth noting that these “imbeciles” have been successful at shaking up their governor, who gets airtime when these things happen and looks closer to a nervous breakdown every time. This same stupid wimminz successfully rigged our democratic primary in favor of a senile old degenerate. In doing so, she disenfranchised tens of millions of people, like me. If we had some of these “imbeciles” on our side, maybe she would have second thoughts about doing so again, but we don’t, and so she won’t. She fucked us over without breaking a sweat, and laughs in our faces.

I cast my meaningless vote today, which in my area, is as difficult as putting my ballot into a prepaid envelope and walking to a blue mailbox. It won’t change anything, but I have nothing better to do.

Begone THOT!

If you’re like me, you had no idea what OnlyFans is until recently. For those of you still out of the loop, it’s a social networking site, based in the U.K.. It’s implicit telos is to turn young girls into amateur porn stars, and the premise is simple. The young skank signs up, sets her price, and begins putting out content that thirsty simps must subscribe to. My understanding is that the money is split between skank and her digital pimp at a ratio of 4/1.

Since its inception, only three years ago, OnlyFans has become one of the largest purveyors of child pornography in the world, and since the Covid-19 shutdowns, its U.S. membership has jumped a whopping 75%.

All those waitresses and baristas you used to know? They’re not merely sitting around the house, collecting their 600/week.

And so we come to today’s story. It is the tale of one THOT who was dumb enough to market her cunt to her co-workers, and who now feigns surprise that her boss decided to toss her out on the ass she’s been peddling.

Take it away, slut…

Here’s a free clue for all the young hoez, straight from Uncle Boxer. You can either be a prostitute, or you can be a serious person. There is no intersect space between the two.

Car dealerships are heavily dependent upon economic factors, and in a world where tens of millions of people are now looking for a job, you won’t have much bargaining power if you bring your baggage to the shop floor.

You can read the whole predictable article at BuzzFeed, if you so choose.

People’s Commissar of Hottness

Kim Yo Jong, eternal mayor of Youryang

A bit of pr0n from North Korea for my yellow-feverish brothers. Unnamed sources are rumor-mongering that Dear Leader of DPRK has rode his donkey to that worker’s paradise in the sky, and his hot sister is the new chairwimminz of the local communist party.

Will she incinerate our degenerate west coast cities like Portland and San Francisco (as many hope), or is she just another wimminz, who will destroy yet another country?

Better Call Sol

I’ve seen a number of these stupid protests, including one which blocked streets in the town I live in. What strikes me as odd is how obviously astroturfed it all is.

The “reopen America” protests are funded and promoted by the billionaire class. Wall Street and open-borders globalists want you wage slaves back to work, where you won’t have time to notice the fact that they’re reaping trillions of dollars from the bailouts. CONservatives worship money as their god, and they’re turning out into the streets to agree that your grandmother needs to die for the DOW JONES.

This bitch is case study number one. Even Trumpanzees like Gunner Q are critical of this skank-ho wimminz, who seems to have coordinated her attention whoring with the so-called militia patriot Ammon Bundy.

Bundy, who isn’t even from Idaho, took a gaggle of CONservative white knights to harass the family of the cop who patrolled this useless THOT. If ever I needed evidence that the right-wing was totally co-opted, this would be the latest incontrovertible example.

Self-isolation is not bad at all. Wimminz are largely out of the make-work jobs, tending to their husbands and children. Kids get to learn how to spell and add at their kitchen tables. All the nightclubs and dance halls and bars are shut up tight. Most importantly, people have the time to think about and discuss topics of practical import.

This is clearly intolerable to corporate cuckolds like Ammon Bundy, who is telling his mouthbreathing devotees to break quarantine and get arrested for no reason. Gunner Q even took the time to come over and give his take:

Coronavirus has so far killed 50,000 Americans, and the number rises daily. I have no idea what makes people like Gunner Q feel like we should sacrifice so many thousands of human beings, so that the transnational corporations behind most of the problems in our society can continue to see record profits. Perhaps he will be good enough to explain it to me.

Thankfully, most Americans are not completely retarded, and most of them value people’s lives over corporate rentseekers.


Only tangentially related, but that idiot Augustus Sol Invictus is back in jail after some wimminz judge let him out early due to coronavirus.

Solly is an attorney from central Florida, and he’s probably best known for losing a congressional election, after it came out that he sacrificed animals to the devil. Solly was also a speaker at the “Unite The Right” convention, which (as I correctly predicted, weeks in advance) was a chimp-out of unimaginable proportions.

For those of y’all who don’t know him, look him up. There’s no way for me to do a reasonable sketch of this character in less than 888,000 words. In the interim, you men should enjoy your time off, and don’t listen to the carpetbaggers who are trying to get you into trouble.

Masochists Gonna…

Cane Caldo and Friends…

I continue to marvel at all the people who, just weeks ago, claimed to be brave CONservative Christian soldiers ready to oppose the system, and who are now actively agitating for that system’s salvation. I must sound like a one-trick pony, at this point, but it’s endlessly entertaining.

The man in head-to-toe protective equipment would like you to know…

Marxists have always expected this system to fail. The man himself noted the internal contradictions in the system which make collapse inevitable. My own amusement reaches its climax with the wails of the antimarxists, who claimed to want this system to fail, up until a few weeks ago.

Lady MAGA?

Suddenly, these people are very concerned by the illuminated weaknesses in their beloved feminist state. The change began shortly after these same people realized that all of the conveniences they previously enjoyed were temporarily unavailable.

I live in what is certainly the most “liberal” parts of America. Our wimminz governor closed our schools, gyms, restaurants and state parks, but otherwise there is tons of stuff to do. Our liberal democrat controlled state is loudly encouraging people to go fishing, hunting, kayaking, biking and hiking, and they’ve waived some of the licenses and permits needed to do this stuff. Our gun stores are still open, and doing a brisk business.

Not to be outdone, the feds have promoted fucking Tinder skanks, in national media. Even still, this isn’t enough for these pretenders.

When all this nonsense started, I lost tens of thousands of dollars and was thrown out of work indefinitely. All my favorite leisure activities (equally divided between academic conferences and sex with strangers) were severely curtailed. My response was a commitment to serve my family and my neighbors. I wish I could join some of you blackpillers in the idea that the system is going to collapse any day, but it isn’t. I am grateful for the display of obvious hypocrisy in so many, and when all this blows over, every man should remember who is ready to act, and who is nothing but talk.

It’s Not a Revolution, Playa

The new season of House is lit AF

A week ago, I wrote a brief rebuttal to Andrew Anglin’s multiple Daily Stormer articles, which repeatedly push the narrative that Covid-19 is “the flu,” and is no big deal. It’s now time to cover the inverse of that theory.

Like some of you, I’ve been enjoying Roosh’s long-winded videocasts. This week’s rap session, entitled Roosh Hour 42: Coronavirus is Revolution is a whopping five hours long. I didn’t listen to it in one setting, but I did get through the whole thing. I think I understand Roosh’s thesis, and I think it’s interesting enough to talk about.

Roosh has concluded that the outbreak of this new virus was likely a planned event. He posits that it was released by “globalists” in order to “transition us into a new level of globalism,” in which persecution of Christians and widespread poverty becomes the norm. He admits that he has no evidence for this, and describes coming to this conclusion after being shown a vision by his god, in dreams, after fasting and prayer.

A lot of the details Roosh cites to back up his theory are compelling. For example:

  1. Billionaires and transnational corporations are profiting, while the rest of us are thrown out of work.
  2. Christian priests and their congregants are facing punishment for holding services.
  3. Prisoners are being released early from lockup, and are committing new crimes.

All of these premises are (at least mostly) true.

Aside from the fact that I find it funny how many CONservative Christians are suddenly coming to agree with me about income inequality, it’s worth pointing out that one should never ascribe to malice what is easier explained by stupidity.

What Roosh calls “globalism” is better known to Marxists as transnational capital. One of its faults is a tendency toward inertia. Basically, capital doesn’t have any motivation to change until profits start falling. Profits didn’t start falling in the globalist west until the virus had already taken hold.

The idea that there is a cabal of international capitalists who are orchestrating everything behind the scenes is a nice ego boost for billionaires, but is otherwise laughable. None of these supposed geniuses has any idea how to respond to the historical events as they’re now unfolding.

There’s China’s new aircraft carrier, burning in the docks. Here’s America’s:

The globalists are not becoming more powerful due to the virus. In fact, they’re seeing their hold evaporate across the world. Billionaires are seeing their profits increase in the short term, while tens of thousands of Americans lose faith in Amazon, CBS, and UPS.

I don’t want to come across as too harsh toward Roosh. I think extended solitude and loneliness can lead men into a feeling of helplessness that we ought to resist. These conspiracy theories betray an unwarranted faith in the bureaucracy. The system has no idea how to handle this state of affairs, and it has become a circus in its proper historical context. The “just in time” inventory in supermarkets is breaking down now, and the employees of globohomo are getting visibly sick of working for peanuts at the expense of their own health and safety. The globalists will continue to make mistakes due to their own hubris, and the end result will be more of what we’re starting to see now: food shortages, widespread street crime, and perhaps a general strike. There is no way this can benefit the people Roosh sees as conspirators.

Before I conclude, I’ll sympathize with one bit of Roosh’s general complaint. He talks about missing prayer in a group. “I can’t listen to the choir at home, and I can’t smell incense…” The obvious answer to this is to start a home church. The home church movement in China is going strong, despite decades of the best attempts of the authorities there to clamp down on it. Home churches are antifragile, obeying all of Che Guevara’s maxims in Guerrilla Warfare. Home churches will get a Christian man out of the sort of blackpill mindset, by putting him in contact with sympathetic neighbors and friends. It’s an idea which is overdue, in a society where dyke priests rule mainstream churches, and preside over fag marriages. Start a home church today!

Life During Quarantine

I used to read comments on Dalrock and Heartiste, from married bros, who couldn’t stand their wives. Now that Dalrock and Heartiste are no more, I can read wimminz, who talk about how they made such husbands hate them. Here is one such story, sent to me in screenshot form…

When a wimminz isn’t the center of attention, she finds it “weird.” She also finds it intolerable that her husband is actually cultivating a relationship with his kid. Wimminz are hard wired by feminism to believe that the children belong to her, and that men are disposable.

A wimminz will see your denials as proof of your guilt, because wimminz are so used to denying their bad behavior when caught.

It is only when this wimminz sees her ownership of the child in doubt that she begins to question her own irrational accusations.

How typical of a stupid wimminz to ask “what did I do?” after telling you exactly what she did. The sad thing is that there are probably a hundred simps jumping into this reddit thread to offer her support, money and a place to stay.

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Survival, Evasion and Escape

Internet blackpillers have been trying to convince men that we are all going to fall down dead, at any second, from coronavirus. With this in mind, meet Archie, a four-year old little kid who caught the disease in hospital, during his chemotherapy treatments, and then brought it home to his whole family.

Archie Wilks, four, was receiving treatment for neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, when he contracted the virus despite his parents doing everything to protect him.

Archie developed a fever at the day unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, England, after starting chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and was quickly moved to a coronavirus ward where he was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a 48 hour wait for results.

The family – who have all had coronavirus symptoms- were reunited on April 1 when doctors said Archie was well enough to be safer in isolation at home.

Archie’s experience likely helped him put this latest ordeal into context.

Archie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in January 2019 after becoming ill and unable to stand a few weeks earlier.

Here’s Brother Archie a couple of days ago, via his instagram page

A MAN which is to say anything that is a living and not a dying body… will have to be an incarnate will to power, it will strive to grow, spread, seize, become predominant – not from any morality or immorality but because it is living, and because life simply is a will to power… (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Clownworld v Loomer

Laura Loomer, a Republican congressional candidate in Florida, was thrown out of Mark Zuckerberg’s treehouse in May of last year. When asked for details, Facebook’s corporate office claimed that Loomer was banned for being a dangerous hatemonger. Loomer responded by filing a lawsuit.

Facebook’s attorneys argued today that Loomer’s case should be dismissed. Loomer, they asserted, was clearly a dangerous hatemonger.

Usually, when people show up to assert something in court, I expect to see some sort of objective data that supports such people’s argument. What was the basis of their argument? The motion totally seems to consist of a list of other establishment web sites which have banned Laura Loomer.

If Facebook had cause to see Loomer’s lawsuit dismissed, they would have shown up with evidence of the danger she poses to the public. Instead, they showed up claiming that other outlets (including their own subsidiary, Instagram,) had banned Loomer, and this was supposed to prove their claim.

Another Canadian Hottie

So, I’m going through my e-mail this morning, and come across a link to a Canadian Youtube channel. A cursory investigation yielded a treasure trove of funny shit.

I’d like all the rest of y’all to meet Chantal Sarault, of Ottawa. She’s at least heavy enough to trigger a tank mine, and she’s in the mood to give us an Easter sermon. Take it away, bitch…

“There’s nothing wrong… Don’t let anyone shame you… If you’re being safe, and you want to have like, one hundred partners, it’s O.K. You’re allowed to do that. Don’t let people make you think it’s immoral…”


“But anyway, I was a total ho’”

[more shit about having a threesome with a desperate married couple who are into fatty fetishism]

I found a deeper bio of our friend Chantal over on Kiwi Farms.

Chantal Olive Marie Sarault, born March 28th 1984, aliases Foodie Beauty, Big Beautiful Me, Chantal Marie and others, is a Canadian YouTuber, whose channel was created in 2014. Although she was initially an attempted beauty channel, Chantal made an ostensible name for herself eating disgustingly large amounts of fast food in one sitting, usually while sitting alone in her car in an empty parking lot. Due to Chantal’s paranoia of being seen stuffing her face by some unsuspecting citizen, her eyes dart from left to right constantly. This nervous mania has yet to deter her from consuming massive amounts of food in a public setting. Her gluttony and foolishness have earned her the sobriquet “the Canadian Amberlynn Reid”.


Although at first blush she seems like a typical white trash fattie, Chantal is notable for her legitimately manic attempts to cultivate and control a glamorous image of herself as an attractive woman who is losing weight. In turn, she sabotages this confected persona by lying about diets, often while visibly gaining weight, and frequently succumbing to a seemingly pathological need to relate anecdotes about her losing bowel control or having sex with homeless men…

If you go over there, make sure to tell them Boxer says hello.

Chantal Fan Thread on K.F.