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Derek Ramsey’s important work on dysgenesis is now categorized separately from the rest of the nonsense on tap here. His articles can be pulled up and read as a series by using this link.

Gunner Q is hosting a critical analysis of Derek’s dysgenesis series at his blog. You can read his exegesis and various comments using this link.

Remember to show respect for the host if you enter another man’s lair, for such is a timeless tenet of patriarchy.

For three full years now, I’ve entered the holiday season convinced that I’m going to let my subscription lapse. It irks me to keep funding WordPress — even more now that their parent company has merged with the feminist Tumblr platform. Even so, Derek’s middlebrow articles give me an excuse to kick in my paltry contribution to our deadly enemies, in return for the privilege of using their own infrastructure to lampoon them.

4 thoughts on “My Blog Lives On…

  1. Glad you’ll be “kickin it” with us (low[er] brow) simple folk .. heh .. for another year!

    I don’t do high brow anymore. Well, at least not on the interwebz.


    I don’t have an answer for how to find like minded providers that aren’t affected by the massive machine.

  2. “…middlebrow articles…”

    It is as good a time as any to note that these articles are not full-blown research papers. The last one took at least 8-10 hours over 4 days to produce, which is not insignificant, but also not up to academic standards. Though, I have snuck papers of this quality through in my college liberal arts classes and gotten an A. I can only imagine how much lower academic standards have fallen since I did that last…

  3. It is as good a time as any to note that these articles are not full-blown research papers.

    Who cares? They’re way more well-researched and well-written than anything I see elsewhere. I love them.

  4. Boxer, I’m glad you like them. I like to write, it’s just a huge time investment to do it right. I’ve been sitting on these (unformulated) macro ideas for years and just never put all the pieces together. Sad fact is, I would never get around to writing this stuff if I only wrote on my own blog.

    I consider these first drafts in what could be a more serious work. The ironic consequence of my study is that if my farmer Anabaptist ancestors eight generations back had the opportunities and training I had, their work would probably be among the classic works in the field: after all, they did found a religion that has lasted hundreds of years, and my direct ancestor (multiple times!) was a sect’s leader. By contrast, my greatest contribution to humanity was copying data from one location to another.

    “Who cares?”

    Many times when I rush an article, I regret it. Your audience doesn’t tolerate a rushed opinion piece with one or two academic citations (rather than a more detailed and careful work). Consider the expectations that this commenter had on my work:

    “But Derek surprises me, and I suspect that unlike Earl, he actually understands just how intellectually dishonest this post is but is hoping no one else will so that his point will stand.”

    In throwing things together quickly, mistakes are made.

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